Dear reader

I want to say that I have asked some very close and personal friends to look at my blog, and I hope that they do this with an open mind and an open heart. There are a few things that I want you all to remember while you immerse yourself into this crazy mixed up blog of my thoughts, and the first is to not take what you read and misinterpret it to be about you, second nothing and I mean nothing that is put in these posts is meant to harm, anger, belittle or make you upset in any way, third always remember this for it is the golden rule, THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU, IT IS ABOUT ME AND PERSONAL SELF DISCOVERY. If I have put something in this blog about someone personal to me then if you take offence seek me out immediately, do not hesitate, and do not ruminate, I want to know so that I can either retract the said words that hurt or rather to say that I am sorry for any harm that I have caused you. I have only asked a few of you to read this in the hope and understanding that you may get to know me better through my struggles and my thought process, because the bedlam that you see spread across this blog is exactly how my mind works. I say this with all the honesty and sincerity that I can, I MEAN NO HARM. With that said the next few blogs will be about people in my life and the impact that they have made in it. Granted you might not see in the stories of how each of these people have effected me personally, but as I have learned in life that even the briefest of encounters touches us on some level, a part of that person has been transferred into you, for the rest of your life. These four individuals that I have picked to discuss do not know that I have and will write about them and perhaps I should ask permission from them first to write about them, but I do not with the hope that when they are reading their story they will see how they have left an indelible imprint upon my life. I write about these people with love and so many fond memories that it is my hope that they will see this for what it truly is. If they don’t and they want the story that I have written about them taken off the blog then I have to in good faith honor their request and remove the entry from this blog.

Thank you,

Dan Kline

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