Ok this is weird?????

Ok, as you all know I have been working on several blogs for my site about people who came into my life, well in part 3 I had written a part about this person that told the whole story of how we met and some of the things that we did while we were living in Arkansas. well for some reason that whole part of the story is gone, I know that I wrote this and I know it was in the post because it was so long and I was afraid that you out there would get bored and not read the whole thing, did I take that part out cause the story starts by me saying that the 2 summers I spent in Arkansas we the best of my life, and I have to question why I would delete that first part about how we met. Did I really write the whole beginning or did I just imagine that I did. That doesn’t feel right either, I know I wrote in the story of how we met and of some of the things that we had done there. Ok my computer was acting a little weird had to reboot it, and after I restarted it I went back to the draft that I had saved for the third part of the blog and reread the whole thing in case I accidentally moved the cursor and had typed over the beginning, I didn’t and the entire first part of that story is gone. Damn I don’t want to rewrite the beginning of that story, I had done such a good job of it the first time, I think. I even checked the trash to see if I might have accidentally deleted it, but no it wasn’t there. Ok I have to ask did I really write the first part of the story and if I did where the hell did it go? I am a fanatic about saving my work as I go along, once again that is an AutoCad concept. And hell the damn site auto saves all the freaking time. If I didn’t write the beginning and I made the whole thing up in my head then there is more wrong with me than I think, is this one of the symptoms of DID? Thinking you did something when in reality you didn’t? If this is how doing this blog is going to fuck with me and make me feel then maybe I shouldn’t be doing this right now. Man I don’t know what to do, so what did I really do for 2 hours last night while I thought I was writing this blog entry. Did I write so much that it automatically deleted the first part? Fuck this for now I am finished for a bit once again. I feel like I need to go and recheck all the other blogs I wrote to make sure they are all there.

Ok I have checked part 2 and part 4 and they are whole and complete just like I wrote them, part 3 is still fucked up and there is nothing I can do about that, I don’t even think I am going to try to rewrite the first part of part 3 again, I remember how it went I think, I am just going to post it as is and you guys can make of it what you want, oh and Gerri in part 4 there is a part that I will apologize for right now before I even post it, and no I am not going to take it out, it is really nothing bad but still just in case I am sorry. I think I will change my name to Justin Case, I like it and yes I have seen the Safe Auto commercials, but I have been saying that for much longer than the commercials have been out.


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