It is me again………..

Hi guys, just a quick update about how the rest of my day is going, although I still don’t feel like myself, and I am still really confused about what to do about that. I did find something that made me feel somewhat better, cherries, big ripe black / red cherries from Washington state. I had gone and gotten them for my wife yesterday and well a  little bit ago I found them in the fridge, why not right it can’t hurt I like cherries, so I am sitting here eating my cherries and typing this to you. And boy are they juicy, most of them the size of my thumb or bigger, so I will sit here and eat my cherries and try to come back to some  semblance of who I am, and why I am feeling this way. And if I just feel better and I don’t figure out why I had been feeling that way, well hell I will take that too. Had some really great feedback today and I thank those people who have thrown words of wisdom and insight my way, for that I am truly grateful. I hope that all you continue to follow me through the next few blogs and that you enjoy the little parts that I wrote about the people in my life, many more stories to tell about them and a great many more adventures too. I also wanted to ask for some feedback about the site so far and what you think about the content, is there anything that I am missing, should there be different subjects that I should talk about, or do I continue to stumble along in the same way, from thought to thought and incident to incident. Oh and I hope that when you come across some of my tangents or random thoughts, well make light of them, they are what they are.

Thank you all for your valued support, and please let me know what I can do for you, if anything at all,

Dan Kline

PS: The cherries are great I hope my wife don’t get mad if I eat them all, lol.


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