Ok now this is funny

Yes people I did find something that made me giggle like a little girl, I really did and well here it is, Go to http://www.youtube.com and look up

Gabriel Iglesias, man I am still learning how to use the blog site, no but really if you need a laugh please, please check the comedian out, I can relate to a lot of his comedy. He just makes me laugh, you can’t help it, so once again I will suggest that you find this man on you tube and watch some or even all his clips, I will put on here a list of some of my favorites If I can figure out how, so give me a few seconds while I do this.




Ok so those are just a few of my favorites, and damn I hope the links work, check them out, they will make you laugh. I couldn’t find the one about his road trip so if you find it let me know.

Dan Kline

PS: Cool the links work, happy for me that I figured this out.

PSS: Oh for those who were wondering if I ate all of the cherries, I did now I will have to get more.


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