People that come into your life part 3

Well the last blog I wrote turned into a senseless mess, and I am hoping that this one is a little better for you to read, there will only be one more part after this blog about people that come into your life. Now there have been quite a lot of people in and out of my life and it would take me weeks or even longer if I were to tell you about each one, so I chose the four who I thought made the biggest impact on my life. Now you will notice that I havent mentioned my wife as one of these four and I am not going to, I have already talked about what an impact she has made on my life. With this next person things ended badly and well it probably could have been handled differently, but it wasnt and you will see that as I tell the story of this person. And you will have noticed that I have not made them anonymous as I said I would in the beginning, well the first is my brother and the second Hank he has passed away, and I am hoping that he didn’t mind me telling you part of his story even if I left out a lot and screwed it up royally. I don’t think that this person or the next would mind if I used their name and for this person I will, I am still debating on the fourth person, only because one of my readers will recognize him, not that will stop them from knowing who he is, but in all fairness I think I will leave out his name or for that matter give him a code name, ya that might work better. It will be better than saying you know who or this person, it kinda depersonalizes the entire story when you word it that way just read my post “Feelings to regret” you will understand.

I have to say that the 2 summers I spent in Harrison Arkansas were some of the best summers of my life, we went everywhere, we had fun, we knew girls and people who always were having the best parties and we always had weed and beer hell we had it all, just don’t ask where it all came from.(wait I know that I wrote about the 2 summers we spent in Arkansas, I know I did well at least I think I did, it told of how we met and where and how it all came together? What is going on here, did I imagine writing this, I don’t think so.) At some point we moved from Arkansas to Zalma Mo. and we lived with my Uncle Sam and Aunt Marge and we did have a job then, we worked at Lutesville Pallet Factory and we worked on the plainer this thing was so huge that it could take boards up to two feet in width and over 16 feet long and several inches think and turned them into boards the thickness used for pallets, we would switch jobs during they day one of us would feed the machine and the other would stack the finished product. One of my favorite memories is when Ramon jumped up on the machine and was yelling at the top of his lungs, well needless to say I had hearing protection on and the machine was so loud you could feel it in your bones, I didn’t hear a word he was saying. But just before he jumped down he mimed drinking from a cup, swiveled his hips and made the motion that you would when having sex, I started rolling and laughing so hard that I got hit in the ribs by a big ass piece of wood that was coming out of the machine. That sobered me up real quick and I had to spend the next few minutes catching up to the machine, still giggling like a little school girl at the site Ramon had made out of him self. I remember to this day the look on his face it was priceless, I also remember after work which was a Friday, as we were walking to the car he was still making the motions saying we were going to do a little drinking, a little dancing and maybe a little hootchy coo. Well I thought it was funny, but I guess you had to be there to see it. Once again we were young and had the world at our finger tips. I do have to say that this one will probably longer than the first two hell this friendship went on for several decades. I think I will just hit some of the highlights and lets see if we can keep this from becoming a novel. Well we lost that job together, and I will explain that to you, you see we out worked the factory and by that we were always ahead of schedule and would usually stand around waiting on wood to be brought to us with a fork lift. Now aint that something we worked ourselves out of a job, and well in that town at that time there weren’t any jobs to be had. Bout that time Ramon decided to go to St. Louis to become a truck driver, so off he went. During the time he was gone my mother and I moved to Dexter Mo. where she was working in a nursing home. Skip forward several months. Ramon came back down to where I was living and said for me to pack my shit that we were going back to St. Louis where there were jobs a plenty, well what about truck driving you ask? Well he went and passed but in the current times if you didn’t have at least one year of experience you couldn’t get a job even pushing a truck let alone drive one. So off we go into the wild blue yonder, well you see Ramon had an apartment above this bar in the middle of St. Louis and it was enormous but here is the kicker you had to go through each room to get to the other, it had a hall but it lead just to the bathroom and that was it so you went through the kitchen into the living room through a huge set of pocket doors and into the bedroom well that was the whole apartment but the sizes of each room were unbelievable they were huge and the ceilings had to be 14 foot high if they were an inch, large floor to ceiling windows and pocket doors between each room, for those of you who don’t know what pocket doors are they slide back into the wall so they are hidden just like in a pocket. Once again we had the world by the balls, we threw parties and had people over and for the first few months hell I don’t even know what we ate let alone how the bills got paid, well we needed jobs and for christ sake don’t make fun of me for this job, well we found a job (tangent alert: you wanna know what really twists my nipples? Well I just got up and went in the kitchen to get another Diet Pepsi and every time I do the microwave says please press start to continue, this happens every time I walk into the kitchen and I walk in the kitchen a lot cause I got dry mouth syndrome, I mean really, can’t you take the five seconds after you take whatever it is out of the microwave and hit the damn stop / clear button. I guess nobody in this house thinks of that really that just puts my panties in a wad) ok i am back now where was I, oh ya we found a job selling perfume, knock off perfume I should say, person to person. Yes that is right, here me and Ramon were in the middle of downtown St. Louis stopping people and asking them to smell this knock off perfume and saying doesn’t that smell just like the real thing? This is funny, one of the techniques they taught us was to use the chicken head, where while you are talking to a prospective customer you would constantly shake your head in the yes motion, so there I am trying to sell this crap and I look down the street and there is Ramon with a little old lady trying to get her to buy a bottle of that damn perfume and he was using the chicken head and there was that little old lady just a nodding right along with Ramon, I can’t remember if he actually sold a bottle or not but I sure as hell didn’t cause I broke out laughing right in the middle of my sales pitch. Man what a sight. Now I can’t say our time with the perfume company was all bad it is where I met the mother of my first child, and this is a funny story or it could be a little twisted you decide, well one day we went to the office and after we got our supplies they told us that we were going to pair up with another team and hit the outlet malls, cool it was better than parking and walking all day. So off we go, we hit several places and we hit it off really well with the two girls they paired us with, ones name was Pam and the others name was Lisa, well during one of the stops while the girls were in a store trying to sell some of this shit, well here is how the conversation went, Ramon ok which one do you like and I said well which one do you like, he said well I like the passenger, that was Pam, I said cool cause I was really diggin on Lisa now this being said they were both attractive girls its just I had a thing for Lisa but either would have done for me.

WOW 1600 words and I am not even to the half way point in this story, wonder if I should write a little more and then cut it off and maybe finish it another day if you guys really want to know about it, ya I think that is what I will do. I will finish up this part of the story and then maybe a little later on down the road I will pick it up again and finish it. Ok so back to the backseat of Lisa’s car while we were talking the girls had run into a store to try to sell  this crappy ass perfume. And they came back just as we finished our conversation. Ramon at that point asked the girls if they wanted to come over after work to have a few drinks, I looked at Ramon knowing we didn’t have a damn bit of alcohol in the entire house, he just shook his head at me and we went on with our day. Well later that day after we got off work Lisa headed straight to the liquor store and without hesitation asked us what we wanted we said whiskey, don’t matter what brand. Hell we had galvanized stomachs and could drink pure rubbing alcohol and it wouldn’t have bothered us. Well the girls scooted into the store and bought what they wanted and away we went back to the apartment. Little did we know that both Lisa and Pam were from well to do families and really didn’t need the jobs that they were trying to work, hell they didn’t have to work, more of that blessed Ramon luck. Somehow he knew this and hell I didn’t have a clue until later when pointed out several things that I should have noticed like what type of purse they were sporting, the brand of clothes they were wearing and even the shoes on their feet, I mean hell how was I supposed to know what pricey women’s shoes looked like, I didn’t care she was cute and we were gonna have a good time, that was my take on the whole situation. So we get to the apartment and the first thing that was noticed was we didn’t have any furniture all we had were blanket pallets on the floor right in the middle of the double doors, we closed them at night so we would have some relative privacy, and then first thing when we woke up we opened the doors a bit and laid in the bed and smoked a joint through the door, and then onto the rest of our day. Well we did the best we could to make the girls comfortable and went and made drinks for each of us and we started to talk and the more we drank the looser the talk, well come to find out that the girls had, had a similar talk in the car about the two of us and boy did we have it backwards, it wasnt Lisa for me and Pam for Ramon it was the other way around and we learned that real fast, in the blink of an eye they had already made up their minds about us before we even broached the subject, well me being me and Ramon being Ramon hell we went with the change, Like I said neither of them was bad-looking so it was a win win situation as far as we were concerned. On went the evening, well with this being our house of course and it being Friday night of course we had visitors and for some reason we had more visitors this night than any other Friday night, people with weed, looking for weed or selling weed, hell we even had the owner of the bar downstairs come up and smoke a joint with us, hell he even brought a pizza. Good thing cause I was getting the munchies by then, I can’t tell you how many people came and went through that apartment that night but it sure seemed like an endless stream, I guess they knew we were trying to get lucky, hell maybe it was a full moon I don’t know. Well finally sometime after midnight when all the good boys and girls are supposed to be asleep the usuals had come and went and finally we were all alone just the four of us, of course the making out started and it was getting pretty serious, and I was out of a drink so I excused myself and went to the kitchen and made Pam and I a fresh drink and then I decided to stop by the bathroom and let the wee willy out for a bit of fresh air, when I heard the door knob turning I politely told whoever it was that I was in there, and I heard Pam say I know, should I stop here I don’t want this to get x-rated, but this is also an integral part of the story and well it might be a little funny too, ok for your sakes I will continue but not in graphic detail it might ruin the integrity of my blog site, hmm here I was with winky in my hand a beautiful woman at the door, lets just see where this goes. She opened the door and came in just as I was finishing my business, and yes I flushed and washed my hands for those of you that want to know, she put her arms around me from behind and hugged me like she had known me all of life and ya it felt good, I hadn’t had a hug like that in years. I turned around and we started kissing and well you can guess that one thing led to another and we ended up having sex right there in the bathroom, it was frantic but it wasnt hurried. I knew that Ramon was either there or well on his way to the same thing as we were, well during our little triste we got so involved that we didn’t notice that we had broken the soap dish off the wall and that it had gouged a hole in my leg the size of a quarter, that was supposed to be the funny part but once again you would have had to have been there.

But wait it gets better and yet worse at the same time, after a night of sex and partying, the next morning when we all woke up, and after we smoked a joint through the pocket door, well Lisa got up to leave but Pam didn’t move Lisa had told her that they needed to leave she had a garden party to attend that afternoon, yes they were that kind of rich girl, well Pam laid around until finally Lisa had to leave without her, now onto the fucked up part Lisa came back and spent another night with us and we did the same thing as the night before except I got so tore up I passed out, so no sex for me that night. Sunday morning we had our same ritual that we had every morning and then Lisa once again got up and dressed to leave, man was that a sight I could see her in her full glory completely naked walking around and didn’t give a shit who saw her, but hay that was Lisa she had the body, and the attitude to carry it off with out it being pornographic, or should I say dirty, no it was definitely the other. Well once again Pam never even moved from my pallet, didn’t do anything except roll over and go back to sleep, well needless to say Lisa was getting concerned she told Pam to at least to call her parents and let them know she was alive and would take a cab home. All Pam did was grunt. You see Lisa came from old St. Louis money and Pam came from what you would call new money her father worked hard and made some great investments and they paid off big time and he moved his family to a better neighborhood and a better way of life, but as far as I knew, the man he continued to work for TWA Airlines as a senior mechanic till he was done with his twenty years. But back to Pam she just laid there and went back to sleep we walked Lisa out to her car and they said their goodbyes and she left, well P am didn’t leave later that day and as a matter of fact she didn’t leave for three weeks, and I want all of you to know that we only had sex that one time the entire time she was there, it is not that I didn’t want to but it was more of the matter of how she acted, she acted like I was hers and no one elses, now I knew that I didn’t want to be in that kind of relationship with anyone, I was a free spirit. So for three weeks we went about our business as if she wasnt there, and to be honest she was alright with that as long as I didn’t go out of her sight. Ok time to do something, so I had Ramon call Lisa and explain the problem to her, she then call Pams father and the next thing I knew here was this older man standing on our stoop demanding to see his daughter, well for safety sake Ramon and I stayed outside this entire time, when next we noticed he had her by the arm and was pulling her down the stairs bitching at her about the amount of drama and concern she had caused her mother and what kind of daughter would do such a thing to her parents, that she even had a cell phone and could have called home, he bid Ramon and I good day and off to the truck they went. I will go on to say that she had a child by me and that she never told me until after he was born, during that time I had moved back to North Carolina and Ramon had gone to Florida. And I think that is where I will stop this story for now. If you want to know more about the adventures of Dan and Ramon, well you will have to wait. There is so many more adventures to get to that this one might be an ongoing thing. Leave a comment if you want to know more and I will get to the rest of the story.


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