Wrath has a name it is called “VENGEANCE”

Do you feel it? Can you feel it? that dark matter that surrounds every thought, every feeling, every word you have spoken in anger, fear and hate, I know you feel it that you see the dark matter that surrounds you, it flows through you effortlessly passing into the very molecules of your being, yes you feel it and you have brought it upon the very one you hate

I do not know where this came from and I don’t remember posting it, but it is there. Right there for one and all to read. Am I scared, hell yes. Here is the link if you want to look at it. http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3234572783671&id=1247241214 I know I have been angry all day but at what point did the anger take overand allow me to write this, it is not in my style but as my wife said it is the style of the fantasy books that I read. And then there is this that I was thinking when another aspect of your mind takes over can you control that aspect? Or is it another you? I think it as another you especially not having any recollection of writing this on my FB page. I would have it wrote this here where all my friends and the friends of the other people can’t see it. Damn maybe it is time for another trip tom 1-east for a brief visit.

Don’t look down upon me, raise your eyes to meet mine and revel in the glory that is anger justified, once we were not equals and that is no more, no longer let you wonder from where my anger stems, hold firm to my hand and I will guide you along a path that was once filled with fear, hate and dread. But no more, no more will I allow you to be led down this path alone, I am with you as I always have been. Fear, dread you have no more worries of these paltry things for anger is divine. Let them look upon us now with fear and dread for we shall wipe clean our memories of such foul things and replace it with vengeance and anger, we will smite down those who have come before thinking to hurt and scorn us, you who treated us with spite and malice, you unworthy people, who should be damned to hell for the path that was forced upon us. Do you still find us afraid, you cowardly thing. Will you find us again weeping in dark corners forced to rely upon our fears and the fear of things to come. No more I say for we will not weep at the passing of those things wrought upon us. You see for in my wake I will leave ashes and dust of those memories for you to choke and gag upon, You unworthy, pitiful wretch, you malcontent human being. For none but those I choose shall know the right of my passage, the fire and brimstone that is my anger will scour from mine mind the deeds of the past and in their place will grow memories of joy and wonder. But you oh wicked one my anger shall burn you, rage upon and bring my vengeance upon your memory, I will leave my mark upon your brow to show for all the ages that I have put swiftly right the things that thou hast done in thine own name, for it was in your name that you did inflict upon us your unwarranted wrath, your unkindly fear and mortal dread. Do you still think me beneath your contempt, do you think that I will once again cower before you, No I say for I have come into the fires where you dwell to inflict on you the damage you have inflicted upon us. Feel now oh most unworthy being the wrath that has awaited you for so long, you will cower before my wrath, you will kneel at my feet and beg for forgiveness. But for you forgiveness will be an eternity of reliving those most horrid moments you placed in our minds, nay you shall never feel forgiveness from us. We are justified and our anger is warranted, and for you salvation will never be met. We condemn you to a life of reliving every horrid moment that you inflicted upon us. Now look, look into the eyes of thine own child and see not hate, but see the reflection that was you, look deeper into mine eyes and see what thou hast wrought upon this child of yours. For this, for this shall be thine own eternity, and know you that I see that thou hast always been beneath me and know that I don’t look upon you in fear but in disgust and loathing, you most foul wretch. The abuser of children, the beater of wives and the crusher of hopes and dreams. I am strong without you and have lived mine own life with the best that I could and know that you were never a part of that life, know that you had no hand in shaping that life, this life was created by mine own hands and the truth of that shines forth on this day of days this day of reckoning. For you have no holds upon my life or mine soul. I am to be freed from thine memories, from thy treacherous deeds. You who were most unworthy to call me thine own son, I was bred by your loins but that makes me no son of yours, you foul miscreant. Know in your own soul that thou hast lost this battle, I will leave this field sown with the blood of your loathsome deeds and memories, for this is mine victory. And when we meet again on the field of battle know this I shall prevail once more, for my anger is just, good and right. Slink from my mind oh useless father, for you are beaten and have lost this day,THIS FIELD IS MINE AS IS THIS VICTORY, IN MINE OWN RIGHTEOUS NAME I CLAIM THIS DAY.

William Daniel Kline

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