People that come into your life part 4

Ok this fellow we are going to talk about, is very special to me. He has done a lot for me over the several years that I have known him. I am not going to use his name because I didn’t ask him for permission, I have no doubt that he wouldn’t mind me using his name but I have decided to give him a call sign instead. I am going to call him Romeo Serria, ya that will do pig that will do.

Welcome to the next evolution of combat troop carriers

Well Romeo Serria and I have had many adventures down the last several years and yes some you would have to be there to appreciate, but others you will enjoy none the less, actually I hope you enjoy all of them because I sure as hell did. Let me see if I get this correct, and if I don’t he will probably comment on the way it actually happened, remember folks I am working from a fucked up memory and the actual details do escape me from time to time. Romeo Serria and I met at my first annual training for the KYARNG (Kentucky Army National Guard, which will further be known as the Guard), this was to be the first of many adventures that we would take. Now I am not sure of the exact time and situation that threw us together on that AT but I do remember that we hit if off right away like two peas in a pod. I will say the Romeo Serria is younger than I am by about 10 years, but that didn’t seem to matter between the two of us, because we both acted like we were 12, good age don’t you think? And see once again  I have all these memories about Romeo Serria but my time line is screwed, meaning that I don’t know in what order they are in. There are so many in this time period and even up till today that I don’t know if I will get them straight, but for the sake of this post and my mind I will try. I don’t remember much about that first AT(annual training) but I do know that Romeo Serria and I were thrust together and it seemed like a good chemistry, we worked well together, so well that all of our superiors came to us to get things done before they would go to anyone else. We just clicked together and we laughed and joked and you have to know this about Romeo Serria he is so full of useless knowledge that it is sometimes incredible what comes out of his mouth, and he has, well he has these random ass thoughts that just shoot out of his mouth, no matter what company we were in be it the First Sargent, or an officer or the Command Sargent Major of our battalion, with him it didn’t matter, I think it is a form of turrets, but never diagnosed. Oh my god some of the things that would come out of this mans mouth, it was freaking hilarious, and me well when this would happen, hell I could never keep a straight face even when we were standing at full attention, now it did get us in a bit of trouble because I gotta say that whatever I didn’t come up with, well Romeo Serria would and man did that make for a lot of possible trouble, but you see we were either lucky or blessed because 99% of the time we never got caught. Like the time we snuck into the First Sargent’s office and was looking at the camera that they use to make military id’s with, well I do have to tell you we were drunk as shit, but that didn’t matter drunk or sober we could come up with all kinds of ways to get ourselves in trouble, you see the idea we had with the camera was to take pictures of our asses so that the guy the next morning would look at the camera and there would be two pictures of asses, hopefully he didn’t recognize . We were in there for what seemed like forever trying to figure out how to turn on this goddamn camera, now remember we were drunk and to tell you just how drunk we were I will tell you how much booze we actually consumed, well it started with a thirty pack of Coors Light, when that ran out we went to our medic Foote yes his last name was Foote and right there is another story I will get to. Well it just so happened that Foote was a huge fan of McDonald’s and we talked Foote into taking a government van into town to get us more beer, well word got around that he was making a beer run and everybody had to get in on this, so we gave Foote our money and some money for McDonald’s and away he went, well we, being Romeo Serria and I had decided to walk around to the other bays and see just what the hell was going on, so away we go. It didn’t matter what bay we went into or the fact that we were carrying our own beers, everybody and I mean everybody gave us a beer or a shot from a bottle. Hell by the time we got back to our own barracks or bay we were just that much more shit faced. And to our great surprise, we timed it just right, there was Foote with the order of the day, more Coors Light, now I will let you in on something, I don’t remember if this was our first AT or the second or even the third, right now I am just telling you what went on and what I can remember.

I do have to say that we didn’t start out to get drunk, no I blame that on our Battalion Command Sargent Major, you see we were having a company BBQ and they served beer and yes we did consume some of that beer but there was only so much beer to go around. Here is the funny part the Command Sargent Major had a certain affinity for Romeo Serria and I, one because I was former Navy and Romeo Serria was prior big Army and the other was that he knew that we worked our asses of at any given job that they threw our way, hell we spent 12 hours on the firing range in an ammo shack loading clips and distributing ammo in the summer sun for fuck sake. well like I said the CSM had taken a liking to us and while we were in line for chow I felt someone bumping up against me, well I thought it was Romeo Serria and I turned around to punch him only to find the CSM behind me giving me the party boy dance from behind, hell I almost punched a CSM, man what a mess that would have been, well he looked at me and then at Serria and said you boys think you can drink, and we said hell ya CSM we are good old boys from the country, he said well have I got a treat for you and pulls out this bottle of pure black liquid from behind his back, what the hell is that we both must have thought but we had committed ourselves and now we were going to find out what it was, he poured a small amount into both of our cups, just enough to have one good swallow and he told us to shoot it straight back and without hesitation and with dignity that’s exactly what we did, and to our surprise it was smooth and had a very mellow taste, well hell we scoffed at that and told him the same thing, that we had, had stronger stuff in our time, well he kinda chuckled as he was walking away and said wait for it, you will know it. Well hell not even 5 minutes later that shit hit us like a ton of bricks we both looked at each other and laughed, what was that shit, it was probably moonshine or some sort of Korean liquor call SoJu, hell we didn’t care we were hammered. And that is why I blame our CSM for the rest of the night.

We were due to leave Wendell H Ford Training Camp the next day, but we didn’t care we were drunk and looking for some mischief. Hell this was probably our second or third AT now that I think about it, but it all kinds of runs together in my mind, I do remember this one though, (ok hang on it is time for some wandering and or random thoughts, I had to stop writing this blog for a few because I needed more Diet Pepsi and I needed chew, well here goes. I was driving to Wal-Mart when I heard the sound of a police siren my first reaction was to look down at my gas gauge and to quickly run over in my mind of what was wrong with the car mechanically, you see the first thought that popped into my head was to run from the police now all this transpired within the sound of the police officer hitting his siren once. Then it came to me I don’t need to run from the police I was legal, all my papers and tags are legal and I don’t have any warrants out to my knowledge. The fucked up thing about this is, it was on the other side of a four lane road it wasnt even for me, but what do you want me to say, have I ever run from the police, not me personally but I was in the car when Ramon decided to run from the police, it didn’t take long for them to catch us. You see it don’t matter how fast you drive or how good of a driver you are you can’t out run the radio. Next, I went into the kitchen to put away my purchases from the store and don’t you know it the damn microwave said please press start to continue, I will not go into that one cause I already have it on one of my posts. And then the piece of straw that broke the camels back, as I am putting away the fruit that I had bought for my wife I see the strawberry container and in that strawberry container was the ass end of a strawberry where someone had eaten it and left a bit of the fruit and the green stem in the package, I mean really can we not take 5 seconds out of our busy lives and they aint so busy, my wife is on the couch sleeping, my son is in his room on his computer and I am writing a damn blog, can we not throw away the last little bit of that piece of fruit, I mean is this way to much to expect. I have my suspicions as to who the culprit is and will name no names(Dylan) but it all seems to be little things that twist my nipples. Hey maybe I will change the name of my blog from what to do about me and DID to you wanna know what twists my nipples, you think more people would read it?) well back to the rest of my story, I do remember one part and once again I don’t know what actual AT this was but non the less, that day Romeo Serria and I and another Private, Wallace was his name were discussing an incident that had occurred during another AT about a soldier from our Headquaters Company that had beaten up his wife while drunk on AT and no one did anything to help this woman from getting beat up. Well little did Romeo Serria and I know that Wallace was either a stinking little snitch or was actually friends with this fellow who performed such atrocities on his young wife. Well needless to say the word got around to this particular soldier that I was talking about the incident that was all just talking about it. Well sometime during our night of debauchery this soldier enters our bay and Wallace points to me, well Romeo Serria and I were sitting on our foot lockers talking to another young soldier who was very drunk, about being able to hang with us while drinking, I could tell you more about this other young soldier and it is funny but let me finish with the other incident first. Well this young buck PFC walks into our bay and appears drunk and after Wallace points me out he then starts to confront me about telling lies about him and his wife, well there was two ways to handle this, one was to bum rush this asshole and beat the shit out of him or two I could be calm and try to talk this fellow out of a confrontation, I chose the second. I approached this young man with the intentions of calming him down and letting him know that if what me and Romeo Serria were talking about earlier that day was indeed a rumor then I would apologize to him and we would be done. Well I started to do this and Romeo Serria can back me up on this, if you want to post that question here I will forward your request to him and he will answer you truthfully. When I approached this young soldier and was speaking to him in a calm manner, to say that he wasnt listening to me would be an understatement he railed at me about false accusations and that I should keep my fat ass mouth shut, and called me some other things as well that I don’t recall. At this point I was pissed and I was drunk and all I wanted to do was get back to having a good time with my fellow soldiers, who was this little piss ant PFC who thought he could talk to a Specialist this way even drunk you maintain some etiquette, I walk straight up to this young man and got right in his face and told him, wait what was that I could feel someone right behind me and very close and at this point I considered them to be dangerous, so I slowly looked over my right shoulder to see who this person was, and well there was Romeo Serria holding that drunk ass Baughn up standing right at my shoulder with Baughn yelling let me kick his ass Kline I can do it, the funny thing about this was Baughn would not even been able to stand on his own without Romeo Serrias help let alone kick some guys ass who was twice the size of him, but he sure didn’t back down even after Romeo Serria had told him that very same thing, continuing to look around I then noticed that all the soldiers in my unit were right behind him, you see they weren’t there to egg on a fight they were to back me up, now the whole time I am looking back this PFC was stilling going on about me and had the opportunity to hit me when I wasnt looking, so I turned to face this SOB and then got real close in to his face so much so that I could smell the liquor on his breath and I am sure he could smell mine and I said to this PFC that if wanted this to continue then we needed to take it outside the bay, and that I would follow him outside if he really wanted to continue this discussion with me were we had some privacy. Well one look on Wallace’s face confirmed to him that would they not only get their asses kicked but it would probably start an inner barracks brawl that would have seen many of us hurt. So Wallace grabs this young PFC and starts to pull him out of the bay, I followed right with him right up in his face just wishing that this ass would swing, you see even drunk I knew that I out ranked this soldier and if I struck him first no matter that he came looking for it, that I would be the one brought up for an article 15 and would also be disciplined, not him. So Wallace knew they were in trouble and tried and tried to get this young drunk PFC out of our bay, Romeo Serria finally stopped me about a third of the way through the barracks and said to let them go he wasnt going to do anything cause he already had several chances to try. So me being me and Romeo Serria being Romeo Serria we went right back to drinking our beer and shooting the shit, well this went on for about an hour or so when a female LT came into the bay and the command to stand to attention was given, man was that funny stumbling drunk ass soldiers trying their ever-loving best to heed to. To say that this in particular didn’t seem to be a problem for either Romeo Serria or myself is no small fact, you see being prior military and having all that ingrained automatic response drilled into you helped us out more than these mere civilian soldiers, no diss on the Guard they play a vital role in our countries defense, but having been in the Real Army and the Navy helped in this area greatly, the only issue at this point was that Romeo Serria had to hold Baughn up and still try to retain some semblance of standing at attention, and admirably he did. Well this female LT was looking for guess who, SPC. Kline, so I stepped forward and spun on my right heel and marched forward to her location, stopping directly in front of her and snapping to attention, no salute in doors here people we are in the Army now. She asked if I was SPC. Kline and in my drunken state, this thought went through my mind, what you can’t read it is right there on the right side of my blouse on a patch, no don’t look at me read my chest, luckily I didn’t say this out loud as I am wont to do, things sometimes just slip right out and then oops there it is, but to give myself some credit I replied that yes ma am I was indeed SPC. Kline and what could I do for the LT. She replied sternly that I was to follow her outside, ok I could do that, and with no little self-doubt did I follow, I did notice that this particular female LT had a very nice rear end even in ACU’s, I thought to myself don’t even go there, push that far from your mind, but still it was hard due to the fact that there it was wiggling right in my face, ok I thought to myself knock it off, but you know me I didn’t, and I so wanted to tell her what a nice ass she had. I didn’t thank god, I did refrain, didn’t want to but I did. We get outside and for the life of me I can’t remember much of the conversation, I know I told Romeo Serria right afterwards and he probably remembers more than I do even now. But to continue( fuck if it weren’t for these random thoughts my stories or blogs would be a hell of a lot shorter), I do recall that she did tell me that she was glad that I refrained from fighting with this young soldier and that she wouldn’t stand and didn’t have any tolerance for gossip, not from her company nor from any other, by gods it was hard to concentrate on her, this was a very attractive woman in my face telling me in a stern but low voice about what she would and would not put up with, I could smell her hair, and her perfume, no wonder I was having a hard time concentrating on what she was saying, but to my credit I maintained my integrity by staying at attention and hopefully replying to all of her questions in the correct manner when all I wanted to do was take the bun out of her hair and smell and run my hands through it. You cannot tell me that she didn’t know the effect that she was having on me, she just had to know and hey aren’t you a married man? With that realization it came to me that christ I was being spoken to by a superior and here I was a married man thinking not of my situation at hand but what this womans hair smelled like. Man if I come out of this not getting an article 15 I will sacrifice a small goat to the gods that be. Apparently I answered all of her questions about the incident with the PFC to her liking and she thanked me for my candor and for having the foresight not to escalate the situation to a violent nature. With that I saluted, I wonder did I remember to wear my patrol cap or even grab my beret, I don’t remember, she returned my salute, shook my hand and left. I went right back inside and told Romeo Serria about everything she had said, now I don’t recall having told him of my small sexual fantasy or not, perhaps I will ask him. We then finished our night, hitting the rack around 4 am, and the next thing I remember is Romeo Serria bouncing right beside me waking me up after only 2 hours of sleep, what was wrong with this fruit cake and where the hell did he get all that damn energy from, we had a half an hour to get to formation, so I did what I had to do to get myself in shape for formation shower, shave, uniform and make sure all my gear was together from the patches and things I kept in my uniform to making sure all my gear was packed in my duffel bag, check ready to go. Well there were other things going on during the time that I was getting my shit together that will make for another story and possibly for another time and once again I will have to continue the rest of the story at another time. I have reached 3700 words, and I was so hoping to not make this into a novel guess I have and for this I apologize, and yes this is only one part of a much longer story that needs to be told. This is a part of my life and makes pieces of who I am and who I have become.

Tell me what you think.

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