Something for me

Thoughts left in the mind, images of lost words and feelings left unsaid, uncontrolled ambitions felt but left unseen, those words spoken but never felt, twist in my mind of hurt, anger and fear.

I wish that I had better control over the way my posts are posted, I would have liked to group together all the posts on people who come into our lives all together, that way you could get a better story line than what I have here, I want to rearrange them so you can get that story line better, but I can’t it goes in the order that I have posted them, hence the interruptions from the scattered posts between, those random thoughts that just seem to flow from me. As I get better acquainted with the disorder that I have the more I understand that this cannot be helped, it happens. Along with all the other things that seem to just happen, like going to the mall today with my son and forgetting just what it was that I came here for. And as we walked past the store that I wanted to go in my son stopped me and said aint that where you wanted to go. Glad he was there. And yes I understand that everyone lets information slip from their mind once in a while, but with me it has become a disability, it happens way more to me than others. I guess that is all I wanted to say I could go on but don’t really feel like it. I have said what needed to be said.

I will follow with this I have found this persons blog site to be very well, dark, loving and inspirational to say the least check her out and read with an open mind the words you will find here:

Tell me what you think.

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