To follow up on the people who come into our lives

Probably at this point I will never have any readers of my blog, and well that will just be fine I guess. Hell I can hardly blame you after having to read the previous posts about the four people who have come into my life. They were long and full of interruptions from my inner self and full of things that didn’t really belong in there such as my rants about the microwave and others. There is so much more to say about them so many more adventures to tell you but I will refrain for the moment, it would take forever to tell the whole stories. Now you may also be wondering about the content of the posts and how drugs, drinking, fighting, sex and the other things that I have talked about, and how that has impacted my life, what actual help or significant changes that his has made to my life, well for one thing they were learning experiences. And I have to say that it mostly isn’t about the experiences that I shared with these people, well except David, that have made an impact in my life, it is the people themselves the people who they are, that have impacted my life. You see every person no matter how long or even how briefly you know them, they touch your life leave an impression on you, and each of these people have left an impression on me, they have in essence given me a part of themselves and that part has become part of the whole me that you will read about here, I am David, Hank, Ramon, and Romeo Serria. For having them in my life they became apart of that life, just like for the rest of you, someone in your life or should I say someones in your life have taught you something, given you advice touched your heart or even your soul in some way or another, whether it was a teacher, your scout leader, your family or your best friend or even a chance encounter with a person on the street. Those people have left an impression on your life and a part of them really do become a part of you, For example have you ever been someplace whether by your self or with others and you have said or did something that either reminded you of that other person that is a part of your life or had been a part of your life, hell it could even be as simple as a gesture, or even a thought or even how you treated another person. I would like to think that I am not the only one out there that has experienced this sensation. I know that you all think that I have fallen off a wagon and hit my head, but I really do think that people who come into your life leave an impression on you and they leave just a little part of themselves with you and that part that they leave becomes a part of you. You may not agree or you may agree either way I hope that I have given you is something to think about, if not then I hope you at least enjoyed meeting some of the people who have been a part of my life.

would you follow where I go, could you follow where I go, the hidden paths that led to the destruction of my mind, from you I am lost and will not be found, and no I wouldn’t let you follow, lest you change from who you were into what I have become

I really want everyone to know that the stories that I have written here do not do justice to actual people, things are much better in real life, I can’t begin to find the appropriate words in my own vocabulary, and I would appreciate it if you would remember that what I have written so far are only a part of the story it only shows what was on my mind during the time I have written it. There is so much more to these people than I have related and these are just examples of each, they don’t show the compassion, caring, loving parts of them the parts that are funny, the parts that got hurt, or even then problems that these people have. I have just scratched the surface of these people, please keep this in mind and dont judge these people too harshly, and please dont dismiss them at all, if you dismiss them you dismiss a part of me.

Tell me what you think.

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