What conversation??

What a way to start a post this one will be brief and hopefully so but I just gotta put this out here. Trying to have a conversation with my son Dylan is like trying to catch a feather in a tornado, and with that I mean it jumps, skips and is never in the same place it was 3 seconds ago. Tonight at the dinner table my wife and I were trying to have a conversation but as you can guess motor mouth kept butting in, so we just stopped and let him go and he went on for 5 minutes straight and not once did he stop or stay on the same subject. And just as we thought he was winding down and we could resume our conversation he asks that we all go around the table and say what we did today, well my wife tried to start but Dylan just surged ahead at full speed and told what he did today and then just kept right on talking, we did all get around to saying what we did but between every comment we had made he talked about something entirely off subject and entirely abstract. Thats my son right there Mr. Oblivious. And I can hear him right now in his room by himself and he is talking to his game. Mmmmmmm, perhaps I should go and check on him.

Here I am swirling, twirling, kept aloft by the wind, where will I end, where will I be.


Tell me what you think.

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