Do you remember?

Alright I couldn’t help it, I had to put this out there, I was riding in the car picking my son and his friend Ethan up from Ethans house and on the way back this thought rang through my head like a church bell in a tower. So follow me on this and see if you remember?

Do you remember those days when, you drove in the hot summer sun, with the radio blasting and only one speaker in the car worked.

Do you remember those days when, with windows rolled down you had a foot stuck out the window driving down the road while your favorite girl sat beside you and sang every song that came on the radio, your best friend in the back seat, a cooler full of beer with no destination in mind, but just going.

Do you remember those days when, the summer felt like lava on the earth, but you didn’t care you were just glad to be alive, going to your favorite swimming hole wondering if your girlfriend had a two piece suit on hoping against hope that you get some loving and kissing tonight?

Do you remember those days when, it didn’t matter to you how hot is was outside, and you had no allergies and didn’t have to worry over whether it was an ozone day, or that your car didn’t have air conditioning, hell that it ran was a miracle, and it had more rust than paint. But you were young and care free and had the world at your finger tips.

Do you remember those days when, you were alive, just to be alive, smiling, just to be smiling and happy, just to be happy, care free innocent days of summers gone by. The lessons of a misspent youth, do you remember?

do you remember the summer from your youth, care free, laughing, living, loving just having fun, no where in mind, just going in the summer time

I do, and want so badly to feel that way again, to just feel the wind rushing through your hair as you fly down the road, it didn’t matter where you were going cause nobody cared, you were just going. And you didn’t stop for no one and nobody, not worrying over the things that you worry over now, no mortgage, no credit cards, no what’s for dinner, no taking the kids to practice or day care. You were at your most peaceful then, and never again would ever feel that way, that innocence of a misspent youth by now long gone. i don’t even see that in our children today, I wonder where it all went, I can blame it on some things like, the internet, PS3, XBOX, ipods, notebook tablets, and cable TV. But do you, do you really remember what it was like for us, those of us who didn’t have those things that even now our children have. Hell I didn’t need it I was happy with just going.


Tell me what you think.

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