Update 6/11/2012

Ok so that didn’t take long, I made it to the Circle K and got a Diet Pepsi and that was it, I could and would not go further. So I called and rescheduled my appointment for a later date. I am not so good right now, I am out of control emotionally and physically. My wife thinks that I need to stop blogging for a little while and I have to agree with her, she thinks that posting about the emotions that I am having is forcing me to try to deal with said emotions before I am mentally ready to deal with those emotions(does this read right?), so I think I will stop for a bit and see if that helps me calm down some, that doesn’t mean that I will stop reading any of the posts that I follow but for the mean time I will not be posting, it has become somewhat addictive don’t you think, to be able to share with out bounds? I appreciate all of you very much, those brave few who have started this journey with me, and I will post again but not for a bit. Keep your eyes glued to your inbox because I have so much more to say than I ever realized.

you watch me twist and twist and twist, never ending always beginning, forever changing, never the same, I am the chaos in your mind, and you will never win.


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