Relying on others………………..

to ask other to do for you, well it is wrong, and not their fault if they screw it up, it is your fault for not doing it yourself

First I cant be to pissed, but I kinda am. You see you ask a person to do something for you, you give them instructions for the very things you need, you give them the money. And then you pray, knowing that in the back of your mind that this is something that you should be doing. But you have to see there are days that I can’t go out of my room let alone leave the house and drive somewhere, it happens due to various reasons, and most not under your control, Pople please listen to my words of wisdom, relying on others, JUST DON’T DO IT, It just leads to conflict and heartache, it is not the persons fault that they fucked up, it is yours for not doing it for your damn self, and if you can’t do it right away for yourself then wait until you fucking can. Nuff said.


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