Well what do you know

I know that several days ago I said I was going to stop blogging for a while, well it doesn’t seem that I have done that now does it. What can I say, it is addicting is what I say. I was writing in my journal and it seemed so confining to me to put the words of my thoughts down on paper, why when I can post it out here for all the world to read. I am trying to give you a diverse set of subjects instead of focusing on my inner anger and writing about that, I am trying to tell of some other parts of me that I find interesting, so I thought that maybe you would too. Now don’t get me wrong I am still going to get angry and I am still going to write about it, but all these dark thoughts are weighing me down man, and I need the energy to help out my wife, on that note check it out the wife has started her own blog http://gerrikline1967.wordpress.com/. Brave woman, I say to talk about her trials and tribulations not only with me but the things she has to deal with on a daily basis. It looks like she will be good at this and I hope that she gets some readers too. Ok that is enough for the day. I will see you all tomorrow. And I promise I wont do too much at one time and freak out, well ok maybe I can’t hold to that promise but I will try.

Dan Kline


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