My PCP Doctor

I wasn’t going to post today, was thinking of taking the day off but something came up yesterday that really stuck in my craw, I called several days ago for a refill on my Adderall, now it is considered a narcotic and I need to pick up the script from the office, well the office assistant calls me after 2 days and tells me that my PCP wants to see me. Well little problem with that is I don’t have any insurance and he wanted me to wait till July 3rd to see him, well that leaves me with out mt medication till then, well the assistant calls me back because she said she would try to work me in, well I explained that what I would have to pay my PCP could go into paying for my script, she then puts me on hold and when she gets back on the line she tells me that before my PCP will write the script he has to physically see me, well isn’t that the same thing as an appointment? So I am going at 12:00 and will let my PCP have a physical look at me, and guess what he will have to bill me for the visit cause I aint paying, he hasn’t seen me for my Adderall in almost a year and has written me a script every time I needed it before and now all of a sudden he wants to see me. Sorry Doc just don’t have the money to pay, I know silly right?


2 Responses to “My PCP Doctor”

  1. I hate – HATE – the medical system in this country, there aren’t words strong enough to describe the bitterness of my venom here. I come from the UK where these things are – FUCKING – FREE.

    Son-of-a-bitch US healthcare.

    I’m sorry – wow. That was unusual for me.

  2. well as you know with Dylan, they have to physically see you for legal purposes for the controlled substance…..but anyway….at least he didnt charge us for it…which is good. I have no clue what to do about the lung doc and probably have to cancel my next appt with my doc because I already owe her a ton….ugh

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