Story Time in my World

Well I was going to tell you about my appointment with my PCP today, but I think I will tell you a little more about Romeo Serria, one of my bestest buddies, a very unassuming and ordinary looking fellow some might say, people tend to overlook him, well he aint beautiful to look at but he has this charming wit about him, and his sense of humor will keep you on your toes. You never know what this young man is going to come up with on any given second, I would use a smaller time scale but seconds will do, perhaps nanoseconds is better I am not sure. Most people wouldn’t look twice at Romeo Serria and I think he likes it that way until he wants to be noticed, and then all rules go out the window, I have seen this man charm so many beautiful ladies that it isn’t funny, hell one time we were in McDonalds drive thru and he had the check out girls number before we even left her window, amazing charm this asshole has and a silver tongue to boot. When he puts his mind to it he could charm a snake right out of his own skin. As for intelligence well he is smarter than your average Joe, and so full of shit, well it leaks out of him constantly, he is known to clear a barracks bay not to mention make most of us stick our heads outside of a HMMWVV(Humvee) in the middle of a combat zone. But don’t let the unassuming looks and the unabashed wit fool you for one minute, this man could be a menace to society if you let him wander free. He has toured Iraq five times count them five times and during that time he has been shot in the head, stabbed in the arm, yes stabbed in the arm while clearing a house, can’t tell you where but I find it a little humorous that in the middle of an urban conflict, with guys carrying ak-47’s, RPG’s and various small arms and here he gets stabbed in the elbow while going through a door, only Romeo Serria. He has been shot in the head once and has a little metal plate covering the spot where it hit him in the head. Let’s see what else, he has been blown up about 7 times, and let me tell you about the last time he got waylaid by an IED he was on a 12 hour convoy security mission, once again I can’t tell you specifics but there he was riding in the commanders seat, or for the for the rest of us the front passenger seat, well I have to explain about the commanders seat, there is a lot of shit in the commanders seat and not a hell of a lot of room to move around, you got your radio equipment and mounts, your BFT (Blue Force Tracker) and mounts, don’t ask look it up on Google, you have your weapon mount and right next to the left side of your face are the legs of the guy manning the 50 cal so not a lot of room there. Well they are riding along and the IED goes off and partially destroys the front right side of the vehicle, well Romeo Serria was the only one to remain conscious and he pulls the rest of his team out of the wreckage and checks them out and then you know what the dumb son of a bitch does, he rushes back to the wreckage and is digging into it with the damn thing of fire and is looking for his IPod and speaker system, well like he said it had over 5000 songs on it, he got it but not before catching his combat hand wear on fire, or for the rest of us his damn gloves. He sets up a 360 security zone and then sits and waits to be towed back to base.

awe some shit bout to go down now

There is just something wrong with this guy, he is off his rocker, he is not a very big feller but I have seen him stare down guys twice his size in the middle of a bar. Hell I am the one who starts the shit and then goes to the bar and gets the beers while Romeo Serria finishes it, nice guy aint I at least I bought him a beer for when he was done. And this is one guy you don’t want to touch when he is asleep, he will have you in a rear naked back legged chicken choke hold faster than you can even yell help, true story seen it myself. I didn’t even know that moved existed till he did it this poor little PFC man was that funny and what an odd shade of purple he was turning. Now he is deploying again this fall and no I can’t tell you where bit this is one trip I think he needs to miss, I mean hell hasn’t he been there enough, I can tell you it won’t be Iraq of Afghanistan but that is all I can tell you. I feel like he has done more than enough for his country, but he is a soldier and when duty calls there he goes marching off to another foreign fucking country for some stupid fuckers to shoot at him, well I would give them this advice you see his ass anywhere in your AO (area of operation) then you better bug the fuck out cause he is coming and so far nothing has stopped him yet, except for a big Reese cup and a Mt. Dew. And if they got them lay them slowly on the ground and walk away at a swift pace, in other words get the fuck out of there. Thanks for letting me tell you a little bit more about this young man, he has seen shit and done shit that I would never be able to handle and yet what don’t kill the bastard only makes him fucking stronger. I wish that more American soldiers were like him, hell I wish more American citizens were like him, we would never have to worry over some fucking terrorist attacking the USA, and when not if the zombie apocalypse comes I know exactly where I will be, anywhere this man is, I will be right beside him laying waste to everything around us. Kind of makes you want to stand up and sing God Bless America don’t it, well it better cause I know your ip address and I can find you, sorry just joking I think, no really I am joking.


4 Responses to “Story Time in my World”

  1. ok so some of my facts slipped there snuffy, and some I didnt add on purpose, we are looking at a real soldier not a movie hero, and that was the point of the story, it is about the person not what he did, and I know how many times he has been, shot, stabbed, blown up and I still dont know what a EFP is so i will have to ask him, I purposely played down his role as an action figure with the kungfu grip and the karate chopping action and focused on the person. And yes he is full of shit, i think his fart shit seperator valve is faulty and needs to be replaced, oh and by the way I stood next to him in line for medicals one day and he used two hands and one of mine to hold up his record, you should know you were on the other side of us. Didnt even say one word about the story whether it was good or even a semi accurate portrayal of the actual person.

    • Kinda sounds like you think my story is full of shit, and I dont apperciate that, this is someone I regard highly and will not have anyone including you talk bad about him or dismiss him at all, he is a good man a great father and my friend, next time i drive frankenstien i am wrecking him into a tree, that will teach you to talk bad or dismiss my friend again, what I say goes and is the truth in my mind and if you dont like it well then get a kotex pad for your vagina. it is a cool picture dont you think?

  2. Private snuffy Says:

    I also forgot since I reread this story, he has been in 17 explosions, 16 IED’s, 1 RPG, and one EFP. it sounds like he is full of crap, till he shows you his medical file. It looks more like a dictionary or a medical anatomy college book.

  3. Private snuffy Says:

    I know this Romeo Sierra fella, i am just going to set a few little facts straight. He has been shot in the head, he has a plastic plate not a metal plate, twice in the left shoulder, and once in the elbow. (The elbow was a glance off.) And he was stabbed in the wrist, it is more like a scratch. He is just a dumb ass to keep deploying.

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