Changing, turning something different

Darkness enters me through every pore in my body, crawling across my skin like a disease

changes occuring, forever fearing what will come

Hurting, marking my flesh with runnels of blood spilling from my torso, cascading down my arms and legs

Silently screaming to the Gods and Heavens for this to end, but it goes on digging deeper in to my body

What is this thing that covers my body with its dark fetid stench, acrid in my nostrils and acidic on my tongue

I stand as still as stone for I am not able to move, this thing has a hold on me like I have never known

Yet even as the fear courses through me I feel as if I know what it is, I am just able to define it

Yes I know what it is and yet cannot move my lips to utter its horrible name

The knowing strikes fear deeper into my heart and mind than if you pierced me with a sword or spear

I know you and deny you but cannot force you from my skin or out of my pores, seeping into my muscles and bones, infusing me, changing me forever

A clear spot in my mind wonders what will become of me, what changes will this reek upon my body and mind

It is a ceaseless pain I feel, full of burning, the scorching of my flesh, the torturing my senses until I can bear no more

Collapsing upon the hard rocky ground I lay there trembling from the exhaustion my body has been put through

Is it done has the change occurred, what have I become, something more or something less

Am I dangerous or am I sent to protect and harm none, I do not know for the change has just started and I feel it is not done

I feel my soul still within my body, at least it has not changed for that I am grateful, for now we will see what changes have been made upon me.

Raising in the morning chill a fog blankets the ground around me, testing my footing for the first time in what seems like ages, I go in search of my destiny awaiting

One Response to “Changing, turning something different”

  1. Bourbon Says:

    Beautiful x

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