Sending them on for better or worst

You try to instill a sense of right and wrong

You give them the tools with which to build a long life upon

You guard them against the fears of the night and watch them through the dawn

You hold their hand when they are scared, you hug away the hurts and tears

Watching them in the middle of the night so proud to have done them right

The thrill and fear as you watch them ride their first bike on their own, hoping they don’t fall

Looking through old crayon drawings made years ago, knowing if they find you they wouldn’t understand that in your hands you hold memories so dear

Watching as they grow and change, once it was all about you and know it is all about them

The first girlfriend, that first date, how awkward that you have to drive them

you try to give them all they need, but love is all they will need

The first car and the first drive after spending many hours telling of the road and its rules, passing the test so proud and scared at the same time, things are really changing now

You see them much less now only in passing and can I borrow ten for gassing the car, oh and can I borrow the car, please you hand the keys hoping that things will be alright

Waiting in the night till they arrive home safely, rushing up the stairs so you don’t get caught worrying

Now’s the time you have been dreading the time they move on their heading, out on their own, wishing they would just stay home, leaving they drive on to the future

Standing crying holding each other, hoping they don’t look back and see the tears flowing

Knowing in your heart you have done the best, but finding you don’t know what to do next


One Response to “Sending them on for better or worst”

  1. Bourbon Says:

    Love this!!

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