Hmmm, Well about those last two posts

While I will not apologize for the last 2 posts that have been written to my blog, it does seem that an explanation is required. Well I don’t have one, it seems that another aspect has come to the front and it was anger, he felt he needed to be heard about what he thought of the medication that I was taking, and he had his say. I will also not take it down or delete it, the different aspects of my mind deserve to be heard and they have a right to what they say and feel. Granted we have heard a lot from anger but this was confrontational, demeaning and downright scary. But does that mean I should censor him, no. I have to admit the poem was pretty damn good in of itself and really does need a title other than the one it has.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

PS. It does seem that over the last few days I do seem to writing a lot of blogs on explanations of my other blogs, well it stops now.


One Response to “Hmmm, Well about those last two posts”

  1. Well I guess I had an explanation after all, that is fucked up

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