It is life you give me, new life…..

The raw gaping wound that splits my chest for so long now

Edges jagged and torn, smells of death still yet fill the air

Slow shallow breaths seep into and out of my lungs, bringing precious air to my body

I grow more feeble with each ragged breath, inhaling more and more reaching deeper inside of me

I still feel the cold forged steel of the sword in my right hand, holding to it as I hold to life

Feeling in its length the many lives it has taken and the many lives it has saved

Its cold hard strength has won many battles and yet there is one more to win, my own, my own life hangs in the balance now for matters to turn to better times

If I am to be a part of those times I will live, if I am not to be a apart of those times I will die

Whether live or die my life has been a glorious and love filled life

I have tasted lips sweeter than berries on the vine, I have know what love is and how to return that love

I have fought great battles and waged war upon the wicked and unjust, only to know myself not worthy of my deeds

You see I deceive not only you but myself; I have deceived and am unworthy of the praise that has been bestowed upon me

And yet even now as I lay dying I can see your smiling face and hear your words of encouragement, knowing that hurts me more than the wounds I bear

For it is you I have deceived, the one who holds my heart closest and dearest, you who have known me a very long time

I am but a shadow of my former self, a mere cast off from the man you once knew, I wonder if you saw me for the first time today would you glance my way, would turn to me as you walk away, just a glance, one look and I would know that in your eyes I could be great once more

The air no longer seems to be coming easy, am I to die in this way, leaving so much undone, so many things unsaid, may the Gods have mercy upon this poor soul and may they grant me time to fill your ears of tales yet to be told

Allow me to gaze upon your face, to walk with you through fields of clover, rich in sunshine and the smell of wild flowers, birds chirping, bees buzzing from flower to flower

The healers and mages say it is in the Gods hands now as to whether I live or die, but I say no it is but your kiss upon my lips that will make me whole once again, and as the light from my eyes grow dim I see you striding in shoving aside mage and healer to be with me at the end

You lean over my body growing cold and look into my eyes, oh your eyes so blue, so vivid a hue a shade of ice and beauty to behold

I can feel the life radiate from you, and the concern etched upon your brow, a single tear, is that for me, do I deserve this one small token of your love

You lean forward, lips’ brushing my ear and whisper to me sweetly, your time is not near, you must stay with me, you have more to do

More to do I gasp in my mind, haven’t I given the Gods enough of me, what more do they require of such a man as me

Moving with the grace of timelessness you kiss me upon the lips, warmth flowing from them such as I have never felt before, coursing through me touching every cut, bruise and wound I have leaving them on fire, knitting and mending the flesh till it is new

New life it seems has been bestowed upon me, never knowing what it may have cost you, but bending knee to you and pledging my like to you to do as you see fit

You know that I love you as never a man has loved a woman, my heart, soul the very breath I breathe is yours to command


One Response to “It is life you give me, new life…..”


    Brought tears of love to my eyes…..thank you! i love you,

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