Smells and the memories and feelings they invoke, ya baby

While it seems that all I have written over the last few days is anger, there have been a few things that have gone through my mind that were not about anger. I thought that now might be the time to let you all know that this is not filling my every waking hour.

Yesterday was a world of smell for me especially in the afternoon, my mother in law was cooking corned beef and cabbage, not usually the best of smells but it evoked in me a sense of ease, perhaps even peace, the bitter-sweet smell of cabbage boiling the smell of the beef mixing its way into the air around the cabbage and wafting into my room from the kitchen. It was the most wonderful smell I had smelled in quite a while. I know that corned beef and cabbage is not first on everyone’s favorite meals but it was the fact that here was this woman fixing a simple country meal for me, she took time and energy and love and created this for my family, I am hoping that she did it because she wanted to and not because she had to. I do worry over these things.

But here is a woman who will fix us wonderful cakes and cookies and deserts without even being asked, and I have to tell you they are good. She does occasionally ask us what we want her to fix as a desert and one of my favorites is called pig picking cake, it is simple to make but man I could eat the whole thing in one setting if I were allowed to. All it is a simple yellow cake batter covered in whip cream, crushed pineapple and nuts chopped real fine, and that is it, you chill it and serve it cold and there you have one of my favorite deserts. She also makes these cookies called owie gooey chocolate cookies, now I don’t know what goes into these cookies and if you want the recipe I can get it for you but these things are like little pieces of heaven out of the oven, they are not like your typical cookie they are actually like little cakes they are fluffy and gooey and just plain good, I mean they are a dream to eat.

Kind of got off my main subject but I just had to tell you a little about some of my favorite treats. Ok I was talking about smells and this one is a little funny because first I am allergic to this if I touch it but the smell has evolved into to a smell of safety, moth balls, yes moth balls, they have that funny smell that permeates everything that it touches and it is really hard to describe the smell, I am sure all of you have smelled them at some point in time. Reminds of that stupid kids joke and yes I told it too. Ever smelt moth balls, usual reply is yes, well then how did you get his tiny legs apart. I know droll right but it was a favorite of mine when I was a kid. When you first come into my mother in laws house that is one of the things you smell, and after a while you don’t smell it anymore, guess you can get used to anything right?

logo says it all

Another smell that I really like is wintergreen chewing tobacco, I know that grosses a lot of you out but when I smell it especially the Grizzly brand it make my mouth start to water and I get a little excited, and it is not that I want the chew it is what that smell reminds me of, places I have been, people I have met, some of the things I have had to do that I didn’t want to do. Every time I open a can a vivid memory comes to mind sometimes good other times bad. I used to smoke and I smoked Camel Special Lights and they were wonderful, but I found out you cannot smoke a cigarette and sit at the handles of a 50 cal and not get ashes and smoke in your eyes from moving forward, and well it was pissing me off, so my TC (truck commander) told me to throw the damn things away and have a bit of this and this was two pouches of Grizzly Wintergreen chewing tobacco, he said they might make me sick but it was better than watching tears run down my goddamn face every time I tried to smoke a fucking cigarette. Well all it took was those two pouches and I was hooked, I didn’t get sick, hell I chewed Redman back in high school when I played baseball. And ever since then I have had a can in my back pocket. I tried the long cut the snuff and all the other cuts that they have for chew, but I never did like the feel of loose tobacco it got all over my mouth and my wife wouldn’t kiss me for fear of getting it in her mouth, so I have stuck with pouches, and here is another tidbit of info when you are in a truck bouncing down some backwards ass foreign country road you will end up swallowing your chew and it is easier to swallow loose leaf than pouches, for some reason they stick better in your mouth. And it was sure a hell of a lot easier to spit that juice over the side of that truck than to have smoke in my eyes all the time, thank god for that Petty Officer, I think.

It is funny how certain smells make you react and how they bring back certain memories and like I said some can be good and others can be bad. I think it is wonderful how our minds work that way.


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