Your turn to name the poem

It is not that I don’t want to take you; it is not that I don’t think I might need you

You make me numb, you suppress and repress the things I feel I need to feel

Such a small and innocuous thing to make such big changes in my brain

And what changes you have wrought, confusion, dryness, lucidity, indolence and absentmindedness

I want to see what your future brings will be calmness, instruction, clarification and self awareness

You are what you are a bit of composure that was well needed

But do not take me for a fool I know you are a short term fix for an ongoing quandary

It still lies right beneath the facade not restoring not healing just sweltering

If I thought that you could fix me then I would take you every day without pause

You are a patch upon the problem nothing but a band aid to cover the wound


Tell me what you think.

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