Harm none part 2

I know not what to tell you about the post before this one it seems that after i take the medicine it leaves a small window open in my mind for aspects to come out, I was unaware of my writing though I knew I was typing but not the content, I do now and hope that some of the things this aspect has recorded doesn’t scare you in the least, I think he, I hope was telling you what he has done for me in the past, by stopping my violence and therefore making me the bigger man. I do hope that if it turns out to be a woman who I have not offended her by not calling her that. I want you to understand I am trained to kill in a combat or emergency d=situation but have had a lot of training in how not to put myself in those types of situations, if I were to hurt someone on purpose with my training and skills it would be very bad for me in a court of law, no matter who was the instigator. i have thankfully not been  put into many of these situations in my life and as for the question of whether I have killed a man in self-defense or otherwise is not any of any ones business, if you think that automatically makes me a liar or guilty then you will think what you will only one other person in this world knows the answer to that question and he isn’t talking, trust me on that one.

Much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


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