Walk in the balance

Of my death, will I walk along roads paved with gold, or shall I wonder down a track made of mud

Of my death, will I hear angels sing in a heavenly chorus, or will the screams of the damned haunt me for eternity

Of my death, will I paint a picture of the afterlife as I imagine it, or will it be torment and tragedy

Of my death, will I see my loved ones waiting for me beside the pearly gates of wrought gold, or will I see no one at all and only fear as I fall

Of my death, will I still know the ones I love, or will I spend eternity alone

Of my death, will I be a warrior of God, or a minion of the Devil

Of my death, will I spend an eternity in the gray shadows of Purgatory a simple grey shade in the darker shade of gray that surrounds me

I walk in the middle only to one side or the other as events dictate, never fully following the right or wrong path, but a path of my own choosing, to say if this is right or if this is wrong, man shall not define, for only Gods may judge this man, for his deeds and life led. Do you think me wrong for not picking a path and yet following my own, to make my own destiny

I ask you not to judge me for the path I take but to only judge me by the deeds I have done, whether right or wrong

You cannot have good and evil without a balance, me I walk the line of that balance, pushing here, pulling there, making right a wrong and making wrong a right

I deserve no judgment from man, I will be judged in the end and that is all that matters, you see the balance is a delicate thing, one slip, one slide, one right, one wrong, and the balance will tip one way or the other, if it weren’t for ones like me we may slip into an eternity of darkness or of the light, never knowing the right of free will, one will control and one will rule, but for men like me we help provide the balance that is required for both to keep things on an even keel, to make sure than one does not win over the other, balance is required to have the world the way it is, and yet we see the scales are tipping and falling towards the one side and depending on which side you are on, you are the winner

Such things cannot be allowed for a balance for all is needed, and if that balance tips we as humanity will fall and be replaced, with what I have no clue we would be subject to the others rule. So if in life you find yourself leaning one way or the other please be sure, for if not then we will find a balance for you, or will you choose to walk beside me in the shadows of gray

Have no fear in what I write for it is all fiction of a sort, made up if you will from a tragic mind allowing itself to be free of restraint, if in fear you read how will the words you see, the effect on the mind, the questions it brings it is for this I write what I do, not for fear but for thought


Tell me what you think.

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