Ok who did it…..

The weirdest thing has been happening to me for the last week and a half. Everyday sometimes once other times multiple, I have had this company calling me about male enhancement products, I mean really. And they are very insistent about giving their speech to me and I tell them the entire time they are talking and giving their explanation about the products that I am not interested, but they continue to talk like I am listening to them and by this time I am yelling into my phone I didn’t ask for this and to take me off their calling list. they just called not even 5 seconds ago, I think they are trying to wear me down, thinking that if keep calling I will just give in, I have asked them to take me off their calling list, but that doesn’t seem to be working. Could they be telling me something that they know and I don’t, do I really need male enhancement? It appears that they got my cell number from somewhere don’t know where but they got it and are burning up my phone. Male enhancement ya it is a side effect of all the meds I am taking but damn I am still a young man people. perhaps I should call them back and ask them about feminine hygiene products as it always is a foreign sounding woman who calls and I swear it the same woman. Man these people aren’t stoppable I just know today or tomorrow they will call back. I just want to know which of you gave them my cell phone number, come on fess up.

With much gratitude and deveotion,

Dan Kline


2 Responses to “Ok who did it…..”

  1. How weird. I thought they only sent emails.

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