Up date on the wife

Ok guys I am going to update you on da wife, she came home last night I am not sure about the time cause I was blasted into dream land, but I did find out this morning that she is alright and was in respiratory distress, they gave here some pain meds and a steroid shot in the butt which she always loves (sarcasm), and they sent her home with all kinds of scripts and she has pleurisy in her right upper lung, but she is feeling better today so we will go on from here, she will probably add more to this because I wasn’t there, still feel like a horses ass for not being able to go, but I will get over it.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


One Response to “Up date on the wife”


    Still have acute bronchitis and pleurisy…more antibiotics, cough meds, steroids and pain meds. oh and ha ha ha i didn’t get a shot in the butt this time it was through an iv…lol..so there…he he…the steroids they put through my iv last night was a different one to open up my lungs she said. usually it is to boost my metabolism to help my body fight off infection but last night it was a different steroid i never had before…and let me tell ya it kept me awake all night. This steroid the nurse said would force my lungs open…well i guess it did but it kept me awake all night. I am soooo tired right now…i think i did sleep 2 hours in spurts i think at least somewhere around there. I cannot wait to get to the lung doc,…there has to be something else that can help me….

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