Do you hear me

Do you get me yet

Do you understand me yet

I lean eagerly forward hoping

I watch to see if there is a spark in your eye of recognition

Do you get me yet

Are you listening to me

Do you hear the gravity in my voice

The voice I am using to explain what I need

The voice that I am using to explain my fears

The voice that I am using to explain my doubts

I need to know that you are listening

I want to feel that you have touched my heart again

I want to know that you, of all people are truly listening

With my gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


4 Responses to “Do you hear me”

  1. And here I am, watching… 😛 I’m touched by the both of you. Take care of yourselves, both.


    i am always listening even if you think I am not….I love you. I am sorry if my sickness is effecting me helping you….but i do try and will continue to try.

    • really homey there is not much anyone else can do at this point i have to have the courage to take the next step, and no one can do that but me, just like going to the dentist, no one can make me do that but me, i am a chicken shit right now and it easier for me to hide away than to do what i know is needed, until i get that courage no one can do much for me except encouragement

      • SPECIAL KAYE Says:

        i know i do not always seem to be coherent but I want you to know i am here and am trying my best. i love you and i want so much to help you but honestly do not know how and not to mention making sure i do evryhting i need to for myuself, as you know my mind goes blank alot these days and i forget too….arent we a pair…i love you and i am here whenever you need me. all youhave to do is wake me up if i am sleeping…..we can do this-one step at a time, one thing at a time, one day at a time….i love you

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