Fun with my son, the ride home

Several hours of fun, that is what I had with my son yesterday with my son. We went to the movies just he and I, we saw the new Disney / Pixar animation Brave in 3D. It was very cool I love to watch movies in 3D; everything looked like it was right there for us to touch, things would pop out of the screen at us we would both lean back in our seats and laugh. I really love to hear the sound of my son laugh in joy and anticipation. I won’t tell you about the movie, in case you want to see it for yourself but it was well worth the money we spent to go, he ate a ton of nachos and we both went through a large drink a piece. It was very nice just to spend some time just the fellows, we laughed and man was it cold in the movie we even huddled together for warmth, it is kind of hard to explain just how it made me feel just to spend some time doing nothing but laugh and

all i heard was WOOHOO

carry on with my son, I really needed it and it sounds like he enjoyed the movie, but I think he had a better time on the ride home, see it was getting ready to storm when we left the movie and we went to get Subway for dinner and as we were driving back to the house we watched the lightening flash all around us, of course it made me nervous cause I knew the rain was about to hit and the roads we going to get slick and just as soon as that it started to pour down the light in front of us changed to red, in a major intersection, I hit the brakes and of course we start to fishtail the ass end coming round on the driver’s side, me fighting the car my son whooping at the top of his voice like he was on a roller coaster, I knew if I let the car continue to fish tail we were going to crash so I let off the brake hit the gas and shot through the intersection thank god straightening out and we headed for home with no other problems, but Dylan wanted to do it again, scared the shit out of me but he thought it was the best fun in the world. The innocence of youth, what probably would have wrecked the car and got us hurt was great fun for him, good thing I am a half way decent driver. Whew my asshole is still puckered in fear at what might have happened, lol.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


2 Responses to “Fun with my son, the ride home”

  1. Geez…Gerri’s taking this well! I’m scared reading about it. I’m so glad you had a good time with Dylan.


    ha ha Dylan had to tell me all about it and he had to ‘facebook-blog’ about it too. LOL I got a chuckle out of it. He really enjoyed father-son time yesterday….you both needed that. He loves you so much too and worrys about you as well. He wants his daddy better and with him.

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