Letters from the edge…..

Letters from the edge:

The trip was uneventful, no stops of real interest along the way

Don’t even remember the scenery it was of no circumstance

The conversation was of no consequence, it was boring anyway

The conclusion of the trip was not very rewarding

The beginning very much like the end

The breeze is hot and dry, no smells but of dust

Looking towards the abyss, seeing endless miles of the same

Stepping to the edge, it is not what I was expecting

I was looking for, well what did I expect a carnival

Looking over the edge into the abyss seems along way down, but only a step

My expectations have not been met; the edge is just like the beginning

What words can I use to explain the desolation I feel, perhaps it is not desolation that I am feeling but indifference, if it is the same then was the trip necessary

I step back from the edge, perhaps the next trip will be different, but why make the trip at all if it is all the same

Wait, why did I come here in the first place, I can’t remember now it was all hazy to begin with, but I made the trip and now all I can say is I am disillusioned


4 Responses to “Letters from the edge…..”

  1. I like this.


    Well if you find it i can still add it…good poem..and like the changes too….

  3. Cant really seem to find the right picture to visualize what in i am trying to say in the poem

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