So well here I am all by myself out in the world for a bit

As you will notice with this little gem of a post, I have been given some time to be out in the world as we see it, Dan has been ruminating on the poll he took earlier and this has given me a chance to tell some stories if you will, try to calm some of the fears that are floating around the house and yes I know that Dan will read this, and if not agree then at least he won’t delete it. Well what will it be me hearties a bit of a story of the made up variety or do we just sit and let our thoughts wander from subject to subject that pops to the front of me mind, or would ye just like to know a little more about me, Khayleth?

tis truly not what i look like but this is how Dan views me sorta a Highwaymen, a thief if you will but a goodhearted one at that who does the few and far good deeds on occasion

Dan ah but he is a bit of an odd duck to say the least, do you know he actually compared me to a Native American? I do have a bit of wisdom and I do have a lot of tradition so the fact that he compared me to an Indian is not too far off, but I am not in the least a Native American. You see I am made up of different characters from the various novels that Dan has read even from when he was a little child, it was always swords and sorcery and lasers and space ships, mostly he reads fantasy novels, I am guessing that reads is not the correct terminology he devours these types of novels sometimes all at once, and I do mean all at once he will sometimes read from beginning to end without stopping, and to be right the lad has a voracious appetite for books, he now reads them on that kindle device and that is ok, but there is nothing better than a good old fashioned paper book. I know I didn’t start out this way but between the two of us we can’t remember exactly who I was in the beginning. I am guessing that it really don a matter much at how I started but how I ended up and what I do fer him now. Ye can never tell when he will let me out, but you know he has never really had much control over me, I am constantly slipping in and out given a helpin hand when the boy needs it, damn this auto correct won’t let me talk like I want to it keeps trying to fix words I know are in the English language, but apparently it don like them. Ah now I guess yer wonderin exactly who and what I am, am I right. I mean if I am made up of different characters from the various books he has read than am I real, well I have to say I am as real as you or Dan, I have me own way of thinking and me own way o doing things that are different than Dan. Oy but this is a nasty habit this man has picked up, of all the things he could ave picked it had to be chewing tobacco, I would rather have a nice pipe meself. I wonder how he will feel about that. Oh right then we were talking about whether I am real or not right? Well as I was saying I do things me own way, and sometimes they differ than the way Dan would do things, and sometimes we meet in the middle, and sometimes we do it my way or his depends on the situation. I do have to say I am a better wood worker than he is, but he has all that technological background that most o the time seems to help. Do you really want to know something I hate about being with Dan, do you really, discipline, I hate to have to discipline the boy, he is an all around good boy but most of the time here lately he has been taking advantage of his mother by not doing what he is told and then it is down to Dan to discipline him, it makes him feel like shit to yell or talk stern to the boy, and if he has to actually punish the boy physically it sets him back on his healing, because he remembers the fear giver and doesn’t ever wanna be like that jackass, but he does it because not matter what society dictates sometimes a good ass chewing is followed by a good ass whoopin, and every time he does it he feels like a pile of donkey shite, he only does if for the worst offenses and one of them is to  back talk his mother, she don’t deserve it and right now she isn’t strong enough to render her own punishment in any form. I didna whoop him but I smacked him smartly on the back of the head, he was told more times than I can count to stop moving the chair with his feet it was moving the blinds on the window and making it hotter in here than it normally is, I mean for christsakes it is over a hundred degrees outdoors, ahh but I really do hate it fer Dan to have to snap back and forth like that cause I am not the one to do that kind of thing, all I can do is make it easier on the boy so Dan don’t go too far with the punishment. I really had much more to tell yeh but I dona feel like writing anymore for the minute.

Ah, but let us talk of lighter things and happier times, and there haven’t been many in Dan’s life but I can tell you that he is doing much better on the pills than he will let on they allow his mind to relax and maybe let out a little more of his inner world, like me fer example. Are ye wonderin about what I look like to Dan, well I won’t tell ye, you will make fun of me now wont ya. Not that I can’t take a little ribbin but I aint much on folks laughin at me. I will tell you I wear a big floppy hat with a tall blue peacock feather in it and I do wear a hand and a half long sword at me side and I damn sure know how to use that, oh didna know Dan was a handy swordsman himself at one time, he took 3rd in the state at the fencing championships in I am thinking it was 1996, I wonder if he still  knows how to handle a sword, too bad he had to quit he was working out to be a fine sabers man, it is like the Calvary swords the chaps used in the revolutionary war. Something else you didna know about Dan, he needs to get up offin his arse and get back to fencing it was one thing he was good at, I mean everybody loves a good sword fight am I right? I can tell ye he is havina hard time with what he just done so we will give a little longer to gather his thoughts before we let him come back to the here and now, poor bastard. I wish I could host a question and answer forum it would be a might bit easier on me to tell you about meself, perhaps you could post some questions in the reply box and I will answer them as best as I can, how will that do? Personally I would like that very much, it will give me a chance to interact with others before we begin this therapy business, which I aint look forward to. Well as Dan has asked me I won’t use his way of saying good bye I have made up me own, but in a fashion it follows Dan’s principles.

Allow me to give you well wishes and happy thoughts,



One Response to “So well here I am all by myself out in the world for a bit”

  1. Well he does fit better to what he has described himself to be than a American Indian, and he is right I do think of him as somewhat of a rogue, and don’t be calling me a bastard, I might have had a fucked up father but I had one none the less.

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