What kind of friend would do that?????

i am only telling the truth as i see it no more, no less

Well we are talking about friends today, or apparent friends that is. I have a friend who thinks he is, well smarter than he thinks, he uses all kinds of women and they seem to let him, I really can’t name any names because it just wouldn’t be right to them but there is one in particular that he uses that really hurts my feelings. You see my friend had told this young lady or was he fishing for information, well it seems he told her that he knew about a certain rendezvous with another friend of ours and he apparently told this woman that he knew about it, now as to whether she confirmed or denied the rendezvous is not known to me, but what is known to me is I feel she believes that it was me that told the friend about it, I mean who else would do such a thing right? I could be the only one; did you think that I would really give up your secrets when you could give up mine? You know this not using name really sucks so I am going to stop. When you have a friend like Stephen you can never know where he gets information that he knows, and I know for damn sure that I didn’t tell him shit about Heather and her friendly little tryst with another friend of ours and no I won’t give out his name cause all that would do is create problems for Heather and him. I am not sure how Stephen guessed or even knew about this non important piece of information, but I have decided that he and I should no longer be friends, seems like he is forever stabbing me in the back. Don’t the both of you understand that I have more to worry over than who is running around with who, and really does it matter, we are all adults here or so I thought. I can give two shits if Heather and Stephen are sleeping together or for that fact who Heather or Stephen either one is sleeping with whoever they want. What I do care about is the apparent fact that I feel that Heather thinks I am the one who told Stephen about her little rendezvous with the other no mentioned friend, Heather if you think me so petty as to do that then you go right ahead and rethink our friendship, maybe it is better off that way, but also if you decide to not allow me in your little circle of friends then it will be so. Just don’t ever let that son of a bitch stab my wife in the back like he has done me so many times. And really how many times are you going to let him disappoint you, I know you are a big girl and can handle your own business, and no Gerri has no idea I am writing this, that is why I am doing it here and not on face book, here no one knows you and they know a little but about Stephen so it don’t matter who reads it here, they will understand that I don’t have the time or the inclination to start drama for no reason. I have to brutally honest here and since you are rethinking our friendship I guess if I hurt your feelings a little it won’t matter, he is using you, you know it, he knows it, Gerri knows it and so does our other friend. Question is this, when are you going to stop allowing him to use you for sex and tell him straight either be with me or don’t be with me I am not a cat with a laser toy who only gets to play with it when it is turned on. And finally if you really think that I told him about this why not just ask me, we have been friends way too long for the teen age bullshit drama of face book, I am a grown man who can take a direct question and answer it truthfully and not have to tell a lie about it, and I know you think it was me because who else knew but the few of us me, you, Gerri and the other non named person right? You can ask me right here and now or call me on my cell phone if you want, I don’t care. What I do care about is our friendship, you are a part of our family and always will be no matter what you decide, you are my wife’s best friend, and I thought you might know me better than that. Stephen is a sommatime friend, he only wants to be friends with me or you when it suites him. I will not say that he hasn’t been there to help in a pinch but it is usually on his terms and he never lets you forget that you owe him one, and I am done with that type of friendship, I have other friends that will be there and don’t keep count when you need them and I don’t keep count ever when any of my friends need me, no matter where, no matter when if my friends need me, oh and if I have the gas, lol, I will be there as quickly as I possibly can, even if it is for a damn hug. I don’t have any more time for people in my life that create drama, I think that between Gerri and my problems that we create enough of our own drama, I don’t need Stephen adding more than is necessary. And since we are on this subject who really cares if Stephen comes down to see you, acts like it is such a big fucking deal, when it really isn’t, he tells you I want to keep my business to myself. Hell it was really fucking nice of him to take you out to dinner and dancing after words, me personally I would proud of that, getting to hang out with you on your birthday would have been a great time, and the picture of you and the chick in his cowboy hat, did you think that we wouldn’t know that hat? I mean Jesus Christ I have seen that hat so many times I could pick it out of a crowd of ten thousand. And yep Gerri called you out on it, sure as shit.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


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