I know a first for me

Yes I know that this is a first for me today, but i used up all my juices on writing on another blog about some of my military experiences today and it made me feel a little different for a while, the memories flashing by, but what can I say a story is a story, made believe or real you can never know. I promise I will write on hell of a story tomorrow, just for you guys, but now i am tired and am thinking of some sleep, maybe i always get sleepy around this time then it goes away like every night, oh and i have a tooth ache on both side in my molars didnt know if i told you that but it sucks, i just got my insurance so i will be having teeth pulled yay, after all the ones i  lost because of the Army i can hardly chew as it is and now they are going to take the only molars i have left on the bottom on both side, just a bit of warning some meds will cause root canal damage and if not treated properly can lead to tooth loss and tooth destruction. welcome to the prozac nation.


Dan Kline


One Response to “I know a first for me”

  1. I’m glad you finally got insurance, man. Sucks to have teeth pulled, though.

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