Enter the robot…..

What about Dan, well what about him, he is an automaton a non entity he is a robot to form and function, he is only needed when called and never needs to be told anything

robot Dan, never to be a man again

except what to do where to go and when to do it. There is no thinking for himself, others do it for him. There is no ideas to be had they are not right and he isn’t supposed to have an original idea, I am to stay in my power unit until needed. If I am needed I report and do what is required of me and then I am to return to my box until I am needed again. Don’t wear that, don’t say that, don’t get upset, don’t do anything for yourself at all, until you are needed stay in your box and await further instructions. This is how I feel, and when giving instruction as to what I am to do I can never fulfill it to the requirements needed. They think it is a glitch in my memory board, they should just have it replaced and then he will be like new again maybe a buff job for the old body and hell look we have a brand new robot, doing what he is told when he is told and isn’t that better than having a self thinking, idea creating man with the problems that he had before we replaced him with this wonderful robot? You know the old Dan who told people what he thought and had anger, depression, DID and anxiety problems, and let’s not forget the ever popular PTSD, I mean it has to be better with this new Dan the robot, hell we can even teach him to fetch the mail with a dog whistle, wont that be cute for the neighbors? We don’t need him for anything else except to do as he is told. Now that is a good Dan, no more messy feelings and problems, and with this new Dan we have a replacement warranty that covers everything that could possibly go wrong with him, right down to a new brain if we need it, of course we will have to retrain him if that happens, but we are ok with that, it might even be better that the models brain right now. Yep good ole Dan, the reliable robot, always vigilant and never once has he broke down, don’t you see how much better this is.


2 Responses to “Enter the robot…..”

  1. I’m sorry you feel this way, Dan. I know what it’s like to feel underappreciated. Just remember – just because you feel that way doesn’t mean it’s true. Sometimes we just aren’t very good at expressing our gratitude.


    all i can say is welcome to my sheltered, controlled childhood…this isnt a good environment for both of us…me in pain and depressed and you in yours…not good for us at all. When you have an idea that will help us let me know. i will not give ideas anymore. I have none left.
    i love you try to get some sleep….tomorrow is a new day hopefully

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