This is me drawing a line in the sand, step over I dare you…..

This here is what we call the Emergency Stephen Broadcast System or ESBS for short, and I am going to fully explain why I am putting this on my blog site. First for a short disclaimer, for those of you who don’t apply, mostly the honest and really cool people who legitimately follow my blog please excuse the follow post. Now for you sneaky (do I want to professional or an asshole about this?)(asshole) sons of bitches out there that read a fellas blog and then goes telling on a fella, this blog is for you.

Now for the whys, where and what for’s of this blog. Well you see it all started innocently enough on face book believe it or not, a friend of Gerri’s and mine has been seeing Stephen of and on for awhile and to me, and I repeat to me, he is using her for sex. But wait I am getting ahead of myself I was telling you about face book you see this young lady had put a picture on face book with her standing next to another young lady who just so happened to be wearing a very familiar cowboy hat, you see each man shapes his hat to fit his head and personality and this hat that the other young lady had on, not Gerri’s friend, looked extremely familiar I mean hats are like snowflakes no two are shaped the same, where as Stephen likes to have the rim of his hats turned down in the back mine have a slight curl in the back, mine is more for function than Stephens, mine is curled up to keep the rain from washing straight down my neck, see the slight curl up sends the rain to the corners of the back of the hat and the rain goes down on my shoulders. You probably would have never thought there was so much thought put into the shape of a cowboy hat, the pulling down of the front and back of a cowboy hat is for bull riders and bronco riders keeps the hat from flying off their head whilst bouncing up and down on my dinner (bulls) or my work equipment (broncos). Ok now with that explained we can finish with the face book issue well like I was saying in this picture the other young girl was wearing a very familiar hat one that I have seen, oh a million times, this is Stephens hat plain and simple and anyone who knows Stephen has seen him wear the hat and knows what it looks like knows it is his. Well of course there were comments on how good the girls looked and one comment from Gerri saying I know that hat, all hell not using names is confusing me so fuck it I will, Heather replied OMG,,,, Gerri really and I put a reply out there wouldn’t you recognize my hat if someone else were wearing it, and that was all that was said. So yesterday around 2:30pm Stephen calls me on his way to work and asks me what was happening I told him I had just got in from getting me some chew, he said chew well that is cool, and then all hell broke loose, he jumped my ass up one side and down the other about how I needed to keep my wife outta his business and that I needed to get a hold on her and well I will keep it PG for the rest of it, basically he said do something about my wife and putting his business out on face book, he went on to say that she had called him a no good SOB that only sleeps with women to get sex and well I was starting to get pissed you don’t talk about my wife that way and just as I opened my mouth to give him the sharp end of my mind on this  he started laughing cause he knew I was about to freaking explode on his ass, he then went on in a calmer voice and asked me to figure out what was going on, and since he had changed the tone of the conversation I told him look that I didn’t know what he was talking about and that I did know that there was a picture that was out there with Heather and another girl who was wearing a cowboy hat but that I didn’t think his name was even mentioned, he told me he wasn’t even down there that he was at home taking care of his mother, but that I would go back and take a look and let him know.

Now I need to fill you in on some details before I go into the voice mail that I left for him after I got through with my investigation. Heather told Gerri that she had a hot date for her birthday for dinner and dancing and when Gerri asked who it was with she wouldn’t reply so after asking a few times she told Heather that why was it such a big deal that she was going out with Stephen and that it really wasn’t a big deal, well Heather then told Gerri that Stephen was coming down to take her out for dinner and dancing for her birthday, no big deal it is a very nice thing to do right? Well on face book chat Heather had basically told me the same thing and I got all the messages to prove what she said, but still what was Stephens deal, why not own up to doing something nice for a friend, well I will tell you my thoughts on that.

There is someone in Stephens life that he doesn’t want them to know that he is hanging out or taking out Heather on dates or going to see her, and that someone in his life is Cathy Duffy, now why does this matter, I am going to tell you my thoughts on that to, Stephen is using Cathy as much as he is using Heather some in the same way but with Cathy it is much more nefarious he is also using Cathy for money, to help do things for him and I will state just two of the things that I know about. Cathy made all the funeral arrangements for Stephens brothers funeral, we were there and Cathy told us she was tired and of course we asked why and she said that she had been making all the arrangements for the funeral, well Stephen took all the credit for all the arrangements, not very nice, give credit where credit is due. Now for the second thing that I know that he has done to Cathy, he whined, moaned bitched and complained to Cathy about not seeing his daughter a few years ago, and Cathy thinking that Stephen really cared for her shelled out over a thousand dollars for a quick flight from Washington State to Kentucky so that he could see his daughter and then Cathy being a very good woman made all kinds of plans for them for the summer going places, camping and well just a lot of things to do so Stephens daughter wouldn’t be to bored, and did Stephen pay for any of it? No, he did not, so not only did she shell out for the ticket she shelled out for all the activities too. Now during this whole time I knew what he was doing and I made no effort to stop him, what kind of person does that make me? Not a very good one to say the least. I have tried to warn Heather that all Stephen wanted from her was sex and that he wasn’t the marrying kind or the boy friend kind but she isn’t listening and I don’t want her hurt no more the only thing she tells me is that she is a big girl and can handle herself, but who does she come running to each time she gets hurt, why Gerri of course and Gerri will be there for her till the end of times that is what friends are for, me on the other hand I have a different opinion about this, how many times are you going to burn your hand on the hot stove till you learn that doing so hurts. Simple enough right if it hurts stop doing it dummy.

Now I will finish this little tit for tat by telling you in very nice words about the message I left on Stephens phone, and please remember this is subject to my short term memory so if it aint exact then it is what it is, basically I told him in no certain  terms that he owed my wife and I an apology that nowhere on face book did it mention his name or any of the other things that he said that she said about him and that if he didn’t apologize then we were no longer going to be friends and I wasn’t going to have him treat my wife like that again, well I was going on and then all the sudden I must have gotten to the storage capacity for messages cause the phone said good bye and it hung up on me. Needless to say I haven’t heard from Stephen as of yet and don’t think I will which is fine with me cause if you act like an ass then you get treated like an ass. Now if some of you will remember I had a post out there the other day called  and this post talked about how Stephen was acting and other such things hell you can read it for yourself, I am thinking that he got the bitching and moaning and whore mongering from that, and well thought it was Gerri who posted it because he never mentioned my name, just Gerri’s. So who ever is giving him his information well here are some more bullets for your gun just make sure you load them in the right chambers and point it in the right direction cause you fire at my wife again, well then we will have a show down man to man right in the middle of your front yard and yes you might whip my ass but I can guarantee you will remember I was there and never talk about my wife like that or use that kind of language towards her again, and I will bring the beer cause it will be hot and nasty and we will need something to wash down the blood and sweat, I aint calling you out yet but if it happens again I am going to have to whether I want to or not, friends or not I cannot and will not have you talking about and to my wife like that again, and after I get done getting my ass whipped I am going to punch the cocksucker who told you any of this right in the dick sucker be it man or woman, I can’t stand people who tell tales on others who are supposed to be friends, and I have always gone straight to the person who I have a problem with and talk directly to them no matter the consequences, it gets the story right no second tellings no additional information or adding your opinion to the story you get it straight and true the first time.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

PS. Sorry no pictures people, just didn’t seem right adding fuel to the fire.

PSS. I don’t think I fully explained why I was putting this on my blog site instead of elsewhere, well it seems I might have a person who reads my blog going straight back to Stephen and telling him what I put on my blog about him. I just wanted to see what type of reaction this post got me, another phone call or perhaps a visit in person, I will keep you posted.

I aint gonna keep putting P and S’s out here this is straight forward enough. Heather if it is you that told Stephen about all of this then shame on you, are you really willing to jeopardize a life long friendship over this, you can push me to the side I would be hurt, but I will get over it, but think about what it would do to Gerri and you. If it was you then come clean and we will continue like nothing ever happened and I will deal with my issues with Stephen on my own and you never have to hear about it from me or Gerri again, I will keep it to myself.


2 Responses to “This is me drawing a line in the sand, step over I dare you…..”

  1. I know this is completely missing the point, but I really never knew there was so much to know about cowboy hats. It’s interesting.
    And, yeah, Stephen sounds like a bit of an ass. I think might be something about the name, pretty much every Steve have known has been like the one you’ve just described, especially when it comes to women.

    • ya there is alot about cowboy hats and Stephen is an ass, used to be my best friend but what type of friend calls out another mans wife on something she didnt do. and if you ever decide to get a hat let me know i will give you pointers on which type and stye to buy and alot depends on the shape of your face as to the style you buy, that is why you see so many urban cowboys with ther hats all jacked up they watch too much rodeo on TV and think that because it looks cool on the tellie that it will look good on them. just incase you ever do i can help out, abit.

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