Second Week on Seroquel XR

Well I am now into my second week if Seroquel XR and my wife asked me how I was, I of course replied what do you mean how am I? I am irritable and grumpy and bored to death, I am sitting in my bed with my face buried in my laptop writing war stories for one site and griping and bitching on my own site. I guess I really need to answer her question don’t I? I have been taking it day by day and sometimes in even smaller increments of time like hour by hour, like how I was feeling earlier today, I am still irritable and feel like I have done something wrong, I don’t know where it is coming from and I can’t tell you why I feel this way I just do. It is better for me and everyone around me to be by myself when feeling this way so that I don’t get my feelings hurt or hurt anyone else’s feelings, I really don’t want to do that.

Sometimes I think my wife can read my mind it is like she knows how and what I am feeling before I do, it is quite frustrating to say the least, it is like I told her I have enough people in my mind that she just can’t squeeze herself in whenever she wants, damn my mind is a scary place most of the time, stay away, perhaps I should put up a no trespassing sign up. That right there is funny I don’t care who you are and I should put up a sign that says beware of owner he bites, hahahahaha. See I still got my sense of humor, I will be just fine. Thing is though I haven’t heard from Khayleth lately, has anyone else? Wonder if he went hunting again and forgot to leave me a note, not a big deal just he helps to balance out the system, but then again everyone needs a break from time to time and I can’t blame him. I think I need a break myself.

I have found out in the last several days some very bad things about my wife’s illness and even her pulmonologist told her today that being out of then pollution in Louisville would be good for her, for her. I am going to do what it takes to make my wife feel better, even if it is detrimental to my state of mental health. I am going to put my problems on the back burner for a bit to see if we can get her blood o2 back up to where she starts to want to do things again and to feel a little more like her old self, that is what’s important to me right now, not how I feel, unfortunately it has been that way most of my life and I am strong enough to handle this, because it is going to give me my wife back, and I love her most of all, even more than myself. It will be a sacrifice for me to return to there but I am willing to do it. Perhaps it will even make me feel better myself, to be able to go outdoors and have things to do other than sit around in my bed and write sad stories of a life that has come and gone. I am going to do this for my wife and if it sounds like I am trying to convince myself this will be alright, well you’re fucking right, every fiber in my body tells me this is not the thing to do, that to stay right here is what we need to do. I don’t know what it is like at Russels right now and things maybe all butterflies and ponies and rainbows, but still something in the back of my mind tells

Knights Templar of the Masonics

me to stay away, don’t go, it isn’t right. But I am choosing to ignore my inner compass and feelings for the simple fact that Gerri wants to go it will help her out.

I want you all to know including Gerri that every time I ignore my inner compass and feelings it always turns out bad. But I digress once more to the moral majority and will press forward into the unknown, it is kind of what I do, I push the boundaries of my mind and challenge the very thought that something is wrong, no damage can be done to me or mine willfully, I will protect with tooth and nail to the very end. So have no fear that something will attack or try to harm us in anyway shape or form, I was a Templar Knight in a former life, and I still have my knighthood friends here with me to this day.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


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  3. Ok so at the end of this i seem to have switched, and i dont remember writing that last part, ummm could be another aspect coming out? i dont know, now mt father, grandfather and his father have all been Masons i didnt follow in their footsteps but i do know that there has been a Kline in the Masons for a very long time, and hell i didnt know i was a knight in a former life, that would be kinda cool to learn about, hypnosis anyone?

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