What is it?

What is it? Have you ever had one of those days were nothing seemed to please you and everything just irritated the hell right out of you from fucking up tying your shoes to even when I looked in the mirror to check my appearance. Now I am not talking full blown out pissed but just irritable, kind of like when you have a sunburn and you scratch it on the corner of the wall when you go around the corner, it aint like you are in excruciating pain, but it is just sort of sore and you cuss a little bit and then go on. Well that is me today, I am just irritated at everything, like the fact that I screwed up tying my shoe or that I needed to trim my beard, it is getting grizzly again, hell I just had it done the other day at the barber shop. Driving, now that gets me good especially on days like today, nobody is going fast enough or they are stopping ten miles from the intersection and I know if I gun it and go around the person in front of me there will be another idiot doing the same thing, so I wait as patiently as I can and go through the traffic that could at least do the damn speed limit, am I right? But no that never happens. In the grocery getting Diet Pepsi and snacks for myself and Dylan, the cart is wobbly it squeaks and tries to turn left the whole time and then it is like no one has any common curtsey the cut in front of you and they barrel out of the end of the aisle like it is a Nascar race, and there I sit dumbfounded by the very nature of people, can they tell I am irritated, do they know I just want to snap their necks just for being impolite, I don’t think so because that would cause mass hysteria and general panic and people heading for the doors in mass. Well I get through the grocery without killing anyone thank god and I get to the car and well, just as I back out a truck comes speeding up the aisle and almost takes off the ass end of my car, now I know I need to go home and soon because if that guy would have hit my car I would have picked up his truck and beat him with it, till he was squashed like a bug. That is me right now even sitting her writing this post I keep misspelling words or adding more letters to the words I am typing, I am a grumpy ass today no doubt about it, the only thing that I can ask at this point is why? Why am I irritable what has happened to me today that is different than any other day, nothing I tell you nothing.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


2 Responses to “What is it?”

  1. This happens to me, and usually it’s because of some little thing that set me off early on. The problem is, I usually can’t remember what it was.

    • i feel you on that, i never did figure it out and well i guess it really dont matter in the grand scheme of things does it, i am better today and will be naking an appointment with the head doc

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