So I made the call

Well I made the call to Dr. Singleton my head cracker and was put through to scheduling, they didn’t answer and they talked about several other options and that if I really needed help right now to dial the other number for the receptionist and they could help me right then. I didn’t do that I left a message with all the pertinent information and I am currently waiting for a reply, not that it will happen today being that it is 4:49pm and the office will close at 5:00pm. So I will have to wait till tomorrow to see about an appointment, which I am currently dreading, I just hate to have to go through all the things that have been going through even though he already has a file on what is wrong with me. I know he will want to change my medications and I really hate that, look what I went through just to take the Seroquel, really hate that part but i am guessing it is all part of some master plan to help me get better so we will see what he does. In the mean time I guess hooray for me I got up the courage to call, now lets see if I have the courage to follow through.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

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One Response to “So I made the call”

  1. Good for you, Dan.

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