Some quick questions about alters…..

Ok just a quick post to see if I can find any answers. First in my case as of now I only know of 2 alters anger and Khayleth, and from a post yesterday it seems I have written some things that I didn’t know about till today while going over my posts. Second I know where and why I have aspects but how do I get in contact with a new aspect I think is coming forward? Third how many of the damn things are in there and will they all come out, I am having a hard enough time with the two of them, and really right now I think Khayleth has taken a vacation I haven’t heard from him in a few days have any of you? I am not worried but I am just wondering why he is so silent right now, is it because of another aspect coming forward, I don’t need anymore angry ones or ones that cause harm that is for sure. I don’t have any answers for these questions and perhaps someone can help with this.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


5 Responses to “Some quick questions about alters…..”

  1. I haven’t seen, him, just so you know.

  2. have you tried leaving a chalkboard or message in one of the common areas inside (do you have an inner landscape?)? i’ve heard of people having a notebook they write messages to each other in, maybe you could try that, just a simple, “Hello, would you please tell me your name?” or something like that, and they can respond when they’re out and they see it. ummmmmmm you could also try meditation? focusing on being openminded to whoever wants to step forward and communicate.
    this was all really hard for my system at first, i didn’t know anyone and i couldn’t contact them. but jaime, one of my alters, knew about the others. maybe Khayleth knows if there are others? you can leave a note for him, too. 🙂

    • thanks i will give some of your suggestions a try especially meditation, i used to do it alot but with the anger aspect being dominant lately it aint even working Dan Kline

      “You wonder at the future. What will the world hold for us all? And what will consciousness mean if we as men can create it? What is divinity, humanity? What is anything, after all, if anything can be manufactured… We must preserve somehow, above all things, our sense of self, our identity. For without it, we are lost, like teardrops in the rain.”

  3. it was me, reaching out for a little courage and strength

  4. Bourbon Says:

    Hmm… getting in contact…. try writing a note inviting them to write back? Let them know that you can feel their presence and that you want to get to know them… basically invite them to come forth. I too find alters sometimes seem to just disappear. For days. Or even weeks. When they all disappear it is spooky! Who was it that wrote on my post about needing to call that Dr?

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