Wait I got one more thing…..

Hello again it is me ranting and raving all over the place but I got to get this one out because it is killing me, literally killing me. This is about the SSA the good old Social Security Administration of the USA; remember me telling you about them? Well it seems they are complete and utterly freaking clueless, and now I will tell you why. You

dumb asses

didn’t think I would start a post like this and then leave you hanging did you, why hell no.

I have been getting letters in the mail that I will not be getting paid for the current month I am in from SSI ok so I am disabled have gotten a check from the Government and I won’t be receiving monthly benefits from you at all in fact my monthly amount will be $0.00 per month from here on out. Ok so this is my second letter stating this, I had called my lawyer and he replied give me 5 to 10 days to get the letter and call me back, well fuck all I have gotten 2 letters already and they both say a copy was sent to you. So I said ok and started fuming and getting angry, no I don’t want to do that I want to know what the hell is going on so I call the SSA and I talk to a young lady and she says that due to my monthly amount which exceeds the requirements for SSI that I was put into SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance, ok then she tells me that a sizeable check and my monthly benefits were sent to my bank, I say whoa right there I don’t have a bank account it was closed in November of last year due to inactivity and I had told both the SSA and my lawyer that very same thing several times, and that I had the mandated Direct Express card that the lady from my interview gave me, so this was on Friday, she told me to call Direct Express and since they had all the routing numbers that they could change it for me and that she would take all information on my old bank account out of the system and that my bank has yet to send the funds back to SSA, ok I got a direction at least so I call the customer service number on the back of the card and get no where they don’t even have an option to talk to a customer representative ok fuck it I start pressing numbers and it tells me to wait for the next available representative, ok now we are getting somewhere, click it hangs up on me, ok so I call back hitting the same sequence of numbers as last time, same results it hangs up on me, so I do this about 4 times before I get on the internet and go to their site and get an enrollment number which I called and actually got a live person and the first thing I told him was the number for customer support on the back of the card was worthless, and I went on to explain what was going on and he said he could help me and then I was done, could take anywhere from 48 hours to 2 cycles for me to get my money, I am guessing that 2 cycles is 2 months? I don’t know and I didn’t ask, so I will check the card after 48 hours and then again every once in a while to see if said money is there. The whole thing with this is I could have had this straight long before this if I was notified I was put on SSDI instead of only receiving letters saying that SSI wasn’t paying me a damn dime except for close to $4200.00 in back pay which I got half already and don’t you know I cashed that fucker quick. They weren’t getting any money back, now I get the other half of that money in 6 months. See our government at work here, if they had told me in the first place that I was on SSDI all of this would be to no end, and I wouldn’t have had to worry over this shit in the first place.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


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