Simple things are so great

My mother in law makes this oreo not cake cause it is a 9X13 pan, and it is so wonderfully delicious that it is heaven in your mouth, and I don’t like oreos by them selves, i am not sue of the proportions and I can get you the recipe if wanted it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. First she crushes up the cookies for the bottom crust, then layers a combination of chocolate pudding and cool whip on top of that then covers the whole thing in cool whip and sprinkles on top some of the crushed up cookies, I know sounds simple doesn’t it but it so good and creamy and has a little texture from the cookies and it is just heaven. Just thought I would share this with all if you and would certainly give you some if you were here, I have gained 6 lbs since we have returned here and  was down to 212 now i am up to 218 and i could care less, I am in desert bliss, and to top it off she made me a carrot cake, umm  my favorite cake in the whole world, so by the time we leave here I plan on being around 260 give or take.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


One Response to “Simple things are so great”

  1. Sounds wonderful!

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