Well I think I am crazy…..

I originally named this post Wait I have one more thing to say, but after reading it the new title works better. Oh and who put the post out there about my family and the Templar Knights and the Free Masons, I  know you are there and that is one thing that we are not supposed to fucking talk about and now you have, if I find you and you keep it up I will banish you to the nether regions of my mind never to be heard from again.

I don’t think this whole not giving names to my other aspects is really going to work out, Khayleth demanded that he be called by his rightful name and I don’t think that the other recently appeared aspect is taking too kindly to not having a name, I had a dream with her in it last night and we were walking along the same trail where Khayleth and I have walked for many years and were talking about who she thought she was and what part she played with in me and to say that it was enlightening would be an understatement. She loved the imagery that I have in my mind and told me the glen where we were sitting was very beautiful, golden sunshine, fragrant flowers a small brook making and playing its way along its merry little way was very nice, she asked how much time I spent here and I had told her lately not very much, I have had a lot on my mind, she then told me that when things got to overwhelming for me just to remember what this felt like just sitting here listening to the birds, the insects and the sound of the brook, it might bring me a little bit of inner peace for just a second and that might be all I need to change the way things were in the outer world.

Well she is not a protector and not a little, she is younger than me in appearance and has the most beautiful blonde hair I have ever seen, and I don’t like blondes the only

Hello my name is Serena

blonde I ever dated was my ex wife and well we are divorced now aint we, she has very aquiline features thin of face narrow of hips very petite is what I am trying to say, she has whispered her name or the name she has given herself and now it is hard not to think of her being called by that name, Serena, I am guessing at the spelling because she has not spelled it for me yet it could be like Khayleth and be spelled just a little different, it feels right and sounds good to me when I say it in my mind, but I still haven’t figured out what her role, or should I say Serena’s role is in my system, perhaps she will define herself as we go along, the picture she put out there of herself that is very close to the way she actually looks is good and she has asked if she can use it when she posts, hell I don’t mind. But it feels a little weird actually knowing that a part of my system is female, I wonder if the women out there that have a male aspect have the same issue, perhaps they will comment on this, and give me a little insight, what the hell am I going to do if she comes out in public, can she fake being me good enough to get us to a safe place, well of course ye dolt she can do anything that you or I can do, well I guess we know what Khayleth has to say on the matter. Does that happen to anyone else you will be moving along with your thoughts and then someone else buts in? Kind of nerve racking if you ask me, and quit calling me names you brute. Yes chuckle all you want and the next time you take off you had better let me know where you are going you big lummox.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

I told you for the last time Khayleth quit making fun of my typing abilities you have the same ones and I don’t see you doing a better job. Ok now I know what Serena’s job is it is to separate the two of us when we argue, and you don’t have to pull so hard woman, that hurt actually physically. Ok am I just talking to myself on paper, damn I am crazy, and no you can’t laugh about that either, oaf. Ya I am calling you names you do it to me all the damn time I got to get mine in when I can.


3 Responses to “Well I think I am crazy…..”

  1. Well, I couldn’t tell you, Dan, but Serena is a rather lovely name. I also like seeing you take what seems to be a stance with Kahyleth; from here it looks like Dan is in control for the moment.

    • well i had my reply all typed out and i must have moved wrong or my tongue wansnt in the right place or something, but for now all seems to be well, except anger is asking for a pic that describes his personality and i said not till he can learn to get along with the others, he had a real row with Serena tonight and really it even made me feel like shit till i threatened to banish him to the nether regions of my mind never to be heard from again, then he quieted down real fast he is still pouting but i will find him a picture and that will soothe his feelings, i hope

  2. Well it seems Khayleth is a bit upset about the whole picture thing, he doesnt think that the picture of the rogue i put out there does him justice, and i actually think he changed appearances on me while he was gone, now i picture him in full plate armor instead of the rogueish outfit he once wore, and now wants me to find and picture that more defines who and what he is, i think he is vain is what i think, and i will try to find something that pleases him better, i hope he doesnt change his appearance or clothing too often cause that will cause more confusion, i wonder if any body elses alters change their clothing or appearance?

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