Well I tried Khayleth

So Khayleth was telling me that the picture of the rogue I put out there didn’t fit him anymore that he really didn’t like it and flashed an image in our mind of what he really wanted his image to represent, now you all know that I am a huge fan of fantasy and scifi novels so I went looking for an image that best describes how Khayleth looks now, why he changed I have no idea and perhaps my first impressions of what he looked like are wrong, or at least he does. So I went and I searched and I found what I thought that Khayleth looks like and so far he agrees. So now I give to you the new and improved Khayleth.

ha what a lark i don look like that, what were you thinking lad

Ok I Know you don’t look like that but you have to admit it is pretty cool, here is the real picture of what I think you look like.

aye now that gives a better story about me an what i am like, ye did a fine job lad, a fine job


Now this is what he thinks we should show Serena like.

Boys I will thank you to leave me out if your little fantasy, I will stick with the original picture that i selected for myself thank you very much.


Told you she wouldn’t like it now we are in trouble, and it really doesn’t look like her she isn’t even blonde and she is not a warrior at all.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

Well ye lumox if they had not showed the womanly parts so real we might coulda gotten away with it.

Don’t go blaming me for the accuracy of the picture, you helped pick it out too.


4 Responses to “Well I tried Khayleth”

  1. I haven’t seen all of you out at once like this before; is it a new development? I just realized that one of the comments on my blog a while ago was from Khayleth (I don’t mind, by the way), given the way he seems to speak.

    • well i have to say that with Serena coming forward there has been more, play full interaction between Khayleth and myself, of a comradere than before and i am hearing more chatter in my head more today than most, it is quite worrisome i feel myself speaking to each of them in my mind as indiviuals now rather than as the emotions they invoked before, the atmosphere in my mind has seem to changed from before and i dont know if i am getting worse or better that is for the docs to decide, not me, but i have to say that them popping out to have their say and me giving input right back to them is,, well interesting to say the least, i think i am ok as long as i do it here but what if i develop a habit of doing it verbally, man would people leave me alone then look at that guy he is carrying on a whole conversation with his self, he must be crazy leave him alone, do you see what i am getting at?

      • I do. I speak to myself out loud all the time. I am usually speaking to an imaginary person who isn’t there, but it isn’t a defined person with a name or persona; it’s just the receptacle for my words. I’ve had people comment on this before, and yes – they find it weird. Still, people talking to each other isn’t necessarily as odd as it might seem (at least from the outside).

  2. Well I have to tell you that Serena isnt very happy with the two of us and is pretty pissed off right now and seeing how we just met her i think we should have left well enough alone, i am hoping she comes out later so we can apologize and tell her we are very, very sorry, what the hell were we thinking with her so new and not used to our sense of humor yet. Well we will see what we will see, she probably has a nasty surprise waiting for us to get back, if she is anything like us at all.

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