Well what about yesterday and today

Well it seems there have been a few new and old developments in the last two days or day and a half.

  1. I have made an ass of myself on more than one person’s blog and you all know who you are, sorry not going to apologize for it just know that it really wasn’t a personal blast aimed at you.
  2. I lost an aspect and then gained a new aspect that is apparently female, and it seems Khayleth had stepped back for this new aspect to reveal herself, not sure if I am comfortable with the whole female issue just yet, but we will adapt and overcome. Do I know have to watch my dirty little thoughts and quit watching porn, lol, no really do I?
  3. I have found someone outside my little world I am going to try to try to trust in, I am not going to dump on this person but I will from time to time ask this person for advice and perhaps they can give it or at least provide a different view from which to see it from, and to that person I give many thanks and very much gratitude. You see they could have told us to bugger off, but they didn’t they took time from their own world to take a look at mine. Thank you.
  4. I have made the call to Dr. Singleton to see if I can’t get an appointment with him and to see if he can help with finding me a trauma therapist, I am hoping he can help because I only got a list of 2 therapist in Louisville from the ISST-D site, and that was a little discouraging to say the least.
  5. I have talked to my wife about or moving to the country into other friends house and I explained to her the things that I needed for myself in order for me to better to help her and myself, and that is seeing my doctor and getting therapy, and for the time being she is willing to stay here in Louisville for the ease of access for both of us and so I don’t have to pay a ton in gas to get back and forth, she did call me an asshole on her post and perhaps I have been, but only due to the frustrations I have been feeling towards this move and its repercussions.
  6. I really think that there is more that I could be doing around here but I don’t know how to broach the subject with Gerri’s mother. And what I do try to do doesn’t seem to be right, so I don’t know what to do about that, if she were to show me how she does it or wants it done it would make me feel better, maybe I will just suck it up and ask her.
  7. There are some things that have been put off for too long that need to be done but it involves Gerri going and depends on the weather and how it will affect her, I have got to get her on Medicare or Medicaid either one and we have to get Dylan on too. But most of the time Gerri is a sleep or hurting, Friday is supposed to be the coolest day we will have in a while, I will get her up and take her then.

Well all in all a little mundane post to say the least but I do feel like I have made some progress and I think we are moving in a forward motion, I hope we are any way and that I haven’t screwed up my wife and life in the mean time, getting help for me has got to be important for me right now, and it is 4:51pm and the doctor’s office has not called me back, time for me to be proactive and call them on the morrow and get the squared away.
With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

no seriously this is my happy face


10 Responses to “Well what about yesterday and today”

  1. You know, sometimes the simple updates can make you feel better. It helps to point out the things that ARE going well.

    You take care, Dan – and I’m sure that person you’re dumping on doesn’t mind a bit! 😉


    this really is his happy face trust me LOL

  3. well maybe not what is going on in mt head but you seem to have a better handle on this DID thing than I do, that is what I meant

  4. lol i like your happy face. it’s super jubilant. i hope you are having a lovely day Dan. CHEERS! 😉

    • I am, i think, little confused right now as you have read so far i think, hopefully with a little research you will understand better what is going on in my head or ask Bourbon she knows

      • Bourbon Says:

        Lol I do?

      • well like i put in the wrong spot, maybe not about what is in my head, but you have a better handle on this DID thing than i do, now it will be in the right spot in reference to the conversation

      • Bourbon Says:

        Yeah I guess it’s cause I’ve read a tonne of books to try and understand myself.

      • i have read some but ended up scaring the shite out myself so i quit, it is really hard for me to think that there is a woman in my head, but she is there and right now she is pisssed because of me and Khayleths dumbass sense of humor

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