Ah yes another call to the Doctors

So on July 10, 2012 I called my doctor, Dr. Singleton to make an appointment with him and I was sent to scheduling and well I had to leave a message for them to call me back well it is now July 12, 2012 and I called them back and the receptionist sent me back to scheduling and guess what I had to leave another message and I was not happy about having to leave another message, in the fact that I am not feeling like I am important enough for them to have called me back in 2 days. I like Dr. Singleton and he seemed to be up on the current issues with my problem so I would like to keep seeing him, but can they not call a person back and make a freaking appointment for me. This is where I start getting real aggravated with the doctors in this state, city, country well you catch my drift, so now I have to wait until they decide I am important enough to call back and schedule an appointment, well they don’t know me very well I am going to keep calling till I actually get a person on scheduling and first I am going to get my appointment then I am going to let them know exactly how unhappy I am with the way they do things.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


4 Responses to “Ah yes another call to the Doctors”


    dan you always tell me to be proactive and keep calling them until you get what you need….DUH big red truck….lol love you

  2. This sucks; I’m having a similar experience with my psychiatrist right now, and I need to see him soon to get my meds refilled. Have you thought of just going there?

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