What a day so far and it is only 3pm

Well let me tell you about my day. First around 8ish or so after I took my meds my son came knocking on my door, he came in and asked if I would drop him off at the trailer park we used to live in so he could see his girlfriend, wait, what, when did you get a girlfriend? Well apparently he has been staying up all night long chatting with a young lady on face book, all night long to the point that he is sleeping the entire day away. Well I said I would think about it and promptly fell back asleep, I was going over a post from Coco J Ginger that she had put out there today or last night, hell I can’t remember. So around 12 I am laying there and I post a reply to Coco and I decide that it would be ok for Dylan to go and see this girl, now the problem with this and I didn’t find out about this till we were in the park was, he didn’t know where this girl lived he would have to go to his friends Leon’s to have him take or tell him where she was, ok ding, ding first warning bell is going off, so I look at him and say you don’t know where she lives, right dad I don’t I have to get Leon to show me. Now I am not happy I have driven not to far but far enough that I didn’t like what was happening, ok then we get to Leon’s and he is not there, ding, ding, second alarm bell goes off, I told Dylan that if Leon wasn’t there he was screwed, he gave me the look and of course it worked and I decided to leave my son in a trailer park where he had no safe place to go, ding, ding, bell number three, I convinced myself that he would be alright and I gave him my cell phone, his is broken and I left. The whole way home I had a raging argument in my head with the two others that inhabit that space with me, anger was just giggling and pointing his finger at me, the others screaming at me for how I could leave our son at a place where he had no place of safety to go to if he gets in trouble, my argument was he is 12 and needed to get out if the house and be with kids his own age and that he could take care of himself, the one and only reply I heard was, well I can’t remember who it was now but the reply was he at the age of 12 is not and was not as prepared for the world like I was at 12. Damn way to hit below the belt. So I get home faster than I wanted to and I called my cell and he answered and I asked if Leon had shown up yet and he said no, so I told him that I was coming back to pick him up and away I go, so just after I left ha called the house and said Leon had shown up and as I pulled in the park there were 2 girls leaving the play ground and I sat for 10 minutes and waited and he didn’t show so I pulled into the park and there he was sitting talking to the 2 girls, well I pulled up and he got in the car told me about Leon and I was like what do you want me to do. So end of that part.
So as I am driving Dylan over there my phone rings and for some reason when I hit the answer button it wouldn’t connect and low and behold it was the Doctors office, well I was driving and couldn’t do much so they left a message saying that I wanted to cancel an appointment I needed to call them back. So I am doing that right now bet I don’t get a real person. Told ya had to leave another message.

Ok next on the agenda I get a voice mail from my half brother Raymond who apparently has been in contact with our older brother who live in Scotland I think, any way he is trying to tell me about a hereditary issue that is in our family needless to say I only got the first 2 words and I am not even real sure about them but here is what he spelled out for me familial dysautonomia and I didn’t get the rest, he said it was a genetic disorder and that it ran wild in our family, so I am not too worried about it right now I got enough on my plate to start with, but I did look up what he did get to me and it kind of sounds weird here is what it says about this: Familial dysautonomia (FD), sometimes called Riley–Day syndrome[1] and hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type III (HSAN-III) — is a disorder of the autonomic nervous system which affects the development and survival of sensory, sympathetic and some parasympathetic neurons in the autonomic and sensory nervous system resulting in variable symptoms including: insensitivity to pain, inability to produce tears, poor growth, and labile blood pressure (episodic hypertension and postural hypotension). People with FD have frequent vomiting crises, pneumonia, problems with speech and movement, difficulty swallowing, inappropriate perception of heat, pain, and taste, as well as unstable blood pressure and gastrointestinal dysmotility. FD does not affect intelligence. Originally reported by Conrad Milton Riley and Richard Lawrence Day in 1949, [2] FD is one example of a group of disorders known as hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathies HSAN.[3] All HSAN are characterized by widespread sensory dysfunction and variable autonomic dysfunction caused by incomplete development of sensory and autonomic neurons. The disorders are believed to be genetically distinct from each other. So I looked up the symptoms and the other things I thought were appropriate and well I am still not going to worry until I have the rest of the name to look up. Cripes don’t I have enough to worry over as it is?

In feel like an asshole, like I have done something wrong and it started after I had a talk with my wife about moving back to the country, and she agreed that it would be easier on us if we (how does nanny get my whites so clean, that’s what I really want to know) ok random thought there, but I feel like I have taken away something from my wife, that she might need, and then I think I have taken something away from Dylan all in the name of convience, ok. Well as I am telling my wife how I feel she says to me well I was going to use an air mattress instead of the chaise lounge they had put up there for her. Well so much for feeling like I was listened to, or that she was listening to me, sorry honey just threw a monkey wrench into my whole feeling process, I had to reply how do you think you are going to get up off an air mattress that is on the floor when you need help just getting off the couch that is off the ground, her reply was well I did it when Heather was there, ok I am done with this, my feelings were not validated and I truly feel like she didn’t even listen to me about the reasons that it was a bad idea that we go  to the country. So now you are up to date and I am going silently insane, raging again in my mind at the thoughtlessness of others to what I have to say, I don’t think she did and said what she said and did on purpose but the way it came out and the way it came off threw me for another loop, around the loop I was already on.

thats old school loop de loop matchbox style

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


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