What a waste of time I could have been watching Firefly…..

see i told you i could have been watching firefly

Ok so I did it again I went off on a tangent I thought I would better understand something as infinitesimal as fate, well it didn’t work all it did was confuse me about my own belief of fate, which is that we decide our own fate not God, or a higher power or is our lives predetermined, but man did I go way off the beaten path on this one, that once again no one will read, and that is ok I don’t expect you all to read everything I write, cause this one just  like the one on the end of the world was just nuts, bunch of malarkey if you ask me, fate is fate no one controls it and if the end on of the world comes on 12/21/2012 then I will be drunk at my wife’s birthday party and I won’t have a hang over the next day, yah for me. Why do I do these things isn’t there someone in my head that is supposed to stop me from doing stupid shit, where is that aspect or have they shown up yet, and shut up Khayleth you went right along with this little adventure and Serena couldn’t you explain it to me.

No better than you could explain it to yourself Daniel.

Ok using my full name makes me feel like I am in trouble. Oh well we spent 2 hours of our time writing bullshit, what fun.


With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

does his statue have a penis, i mean really, what the hell

The picture came up when I typed in Buddhism, funny little religion, eh?





2 Responses to “What a waste of time I could have been watching Firefly…..”

  1. Oh, fate…fate is where we end up at the end of the road. It’s only looking back that we realize there was no road.

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