My questions: Crazy In The Coconut last one tonight I promise

My questions: Crazy In The Coconut

What is your signature dish?

Pork Loin on the BBQ, I give it a nice rub, and no I won’t give the recipe unless you ask nicely, but I cook it low and slow for probably 5 to 6 hours and I think I told my timing method on when to turn it before, but you turn it every 2 beers.

How did you come to choose your blog name?

Well it is my name, duh? Actually I couldn’t come up with a really chichi name for my blog so I just used the first part of my email address. Wait wrong answer, damn what an idiot, it was simple what was I going to do about DID and me.

How many languages can you speak?

Well do you consider military acronyms a language cause it sure is, no I can really only speak English with a smattering of Arabic, and I do mean a small amount.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Little Debbie Snack cakes, like Star Crunch, I could eat a whole box by myself and have several times, and I am also completely infatuated with a good carrot cake. Otherwise the only other guilty pleasure is driving fast, just can’t help myself, got to go baby.

What is your favorite feature about yourself?

It has to be my ass, nobody can keep their hands off my ass, I can’t tell you how many times my wife grabs it or how many times it gets grabbed at the bar hell even my best friend can’t keep his hands off my ass.

If you were a fly on the wall for a day, which wall would you choose to sit on?

Good question now in will have to think on it for a second, well considering they say a fly only lives 24 hours then I would try to sit on all the walls I could. Is it really true that flies only live 24 hours because there sure a lot of the little bastards. 

What is your first ever memory?

I couldn’t tell you, I really couldn’t. I don’t have any memory of my childhood and my twenties were a blur, so I can’t tell you because I don’t know.

If you had to live in a different country from your own for a year, which country would it be?

Probably the Scotland my brother Ricky lives over there somewhere and I haven’t seen or heard from him since he was 16 and I was well however old I was

What is the craziest outfit you’ve ever worn?

A teal green double breasted suit, I bought it with my best friend and he bought a purple short jacketed single breasted suit and if I am correct it was the day I had all of my hair cut off over 12 inches of hair and left a long piece in the front on the side I have a natural flip or cowlick if you will and the rest was really short and we went to the bar that night and I think everyone thought we were gay only because if the way we were dressed and it was a country bar, no way we fit in there and it was the only night I ever wore that suit and it is probably still hanging in my closet/

How are you today?

See you would have to ask this question on this day when all went to hell in a hand basket, I am depressed and answering questions on a blog, so how well do you think I am doing? I have gone through the gambit today, I started out fine then read my blog and then got depressed and then that pissed me off and I spent the rest of the day and right now second guessing everything I have been told about myself and all of my diagnosis’s and whether my Doctor is right or if I am making all this shit up as I go along. I think that is enough for now.


7 Responses to “My questions: Crazy In The Coconut last one tonight I promise”


    you have been doing that a lot lately.

  2. Bourbon Says:

    There really is no need to be rude about it.

    • Wait I was being rude??? If I was I didnt mean to, I promise. Can I ask what I was being rude about??

      • Bourbon Says:

        “See you would have to ask this question on this day when all went to hell in a hand basket, I am depressed and answering questions on a blog, so how well do you think I am doing?”
        I didn’t personally set out to ask YOU that question. You needn’t have answered if it was going to anger you. I find your remark rude. I apologise if I have just taken it the wrong way.

      • first let me say i am sorry if my statement made you feel in any way that i was being rude to you, you have helped me numerous times over the last several weeks and have been a great supporter of me and my craziness, but that statement was not directed at you it was meant to be general, and it does look like it was meant for you but i promise you that it was not, and i can not tell you how sorry i am if i have hurt you or made you angry at me, it is my own fault, i should have been more aware of what i was writing and that i should have looked over my answers for triggers or possible finger pointing before posting, my fault completely, and i can never tell you enough how sorry I am, please believe me on this

      • Bourbon Says:

        I believe you. Truly. Sorry. It’s all ok. X

      • i did a public apology to you on my blog for my insesitivity or how ever you spell it, and i do hope you forgive me

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