Public Apology to Bourbon

I am posting a public apology to Bourbon, on one of the questions that I answered from questions from my blog it seems I inadvertently cause her harm in the response to the question and it seemed that I was attacking her. I am here to put the situation right, the question follows as well as my answer.

How are you today?

See you would have to ask this question on this day when all went to hell in a hand basket, I am depressed and answering questions on a blog, so how well do you think I am doing? I have gone through the gambit today, I started out fine then read my blog and then got depressed and then that pissed me off and I spent the rest of the day and right now second guessing everything I have been told about myself and all of my diagnosis’s and whether my Doctor is right or if I am making all this shit up as I go along. I think that is enough for now.

I was replying in a general way that was not actually directed at Bourbon and I have hurt or made Bourbon unhappy with me by my answer to the question. It was not my

will you still love me even though i was wrong

purpose to intentionally hurt or harm in any way. She has been one of my biggest supports on my blog with answers and advice and just there for me to talk to when I have needed it. I am so sorry that this response may have caused you harm in any way, and I am asking you publicly if you will forgive my oversight by not monitoring my responses better than I have. I can how this answer could be misconstrued and totally taken in the wrong context.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline



6 Responses to “Public Apology to Bourbon”


    very nice apology for bourbon dan….nice job….you have got to start paying a little more attention to how you word things and how strong the things you say come off to others…you are not just doing it on here…BTW…nice apology though,…bourbon didnt deserve the rudeness

    • well first thank you for telling me what a nice job i did apologizing to Bourbon, ok. Now i realize that i had done something wrong and it was not on purpose and I really dont need your input on the fact that yes Bourbon didnt deserve the rudeness, it was not intentional and thank you for making me out to look like a complete ass again, that was rude on purpose

      • SPECIAL KAYE Says:

        honey that wasnt meant to be nasty. i know it wasnt intentional. I just meant you did a nice job apologizing to her. The rest was a statement to help you it wasnt meant to be rude.

  2. And here’s another good deed…(the apology, of course!)

  3. Bourbon Says:

    As I said its fine. I’m probably sensitive to certain phrases because of well… Past stuff and well this was just one of those phrases. Im sorry for reacting the way I did. It’s all cleared now.

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