Questions from Divided’s Room:

I kind of like doing these questions I think that though some may be funny, others really give you a chance to think about things.

Questions from Divided’s Room:

What’s your morning poison? (coffee, tea, etc.)

I don’t drink any of the above mentioned, it is a cold Diet Pepsi for me, little bit of caffeine and I am good to go also kick starts my Adderall.

If you could choose to be any superhero you wanted, what would you be? (You can make one up if you want)?

There are a lot of great super heroes out there and they are all really cool, but I would like to make up my own if you don’t mind. I would have empathic powers to know when someone was hurting, or in trouble. I would have a sort of illusion magic that would help those in need see what or whom is hurting them, not to trigger them but to help them with any questions that they needed answers to, and with my empathic powers I would be able to take away the pain from them and into my body and channel it out into the oblivion. No tights please, and I damn sure don’t want a cape.

How many countries have you visited in your lifetime? Name them and your favorites, least favorites.

I have been too many different countries in my life both as a military dependant and in the military, I will not name most of the countries that I have been to it is a trigger you see but I will tell you my favorite, Puerto Rico before it was part of the states.

What is the “better” apocalypse in your opinion, the earth gradually moving towards the sun, or the earth gradually moving away from it?

Freeze to death or burn to death, well I hate the heat and the closer we got to the sun the more of the earth would turn to sand and I hate sand, so I will go with moving away from the sun. Always pays to have extra socks just for this occasion.

Do you believe in aliens? Why or why not?

Personally I believe in aliens, and part of the reason why is our technology and how advanced it became in a short period of time, we went from having full rooms of computers to a computer we can hold in our hand that has twice the computing power of those computers of old, secondly is also a technological advance, weapons of war, our weapons of war just between the first world war and the second world war is like a science fiction novel. Just so the research, I had to and it is amazing. The other thing is I can’t believe that we are alone in the whole wide universe; it is just too big for there not be others out there.

What are the colors of the walls in your house?

White, and I hate white, it is a depressing color.

Have you had any good dreams lately? Or a bad one you feel comfortable sharing?

With the medications that I take I don’t dream a whole lot, so I guess I haven’t had any to share. Or if I did I don’t remember them after I wake.

Have you ever attended an Olympics as a spectator? Whether you answer yes or no, what is your favorite Olympic sporting event to watch?

Personally I have never been to the Olympics, and I would have to say that my favorite event is the gymnasts doing their floor routines.

Whole wheat or white bread?

White bread defiantly.

Name one good deed you did for someone recently.

Well I backed into an SUV yesterday, oh wait you wanted something good, right? I really can’t think of any good deeds I might have done recently, don’t really go out enough to do good deeds.

Name one good deed someone did for you recently.

I asked a fellow blogger for advice and they gave it to the best of their ability and it was freely given and well received.


2 Responses to “Questions from Divided’s Room:”

  1. Come now, Dan…no good deeds? Just from what you’ve told me, I know this isn’t true.

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