Questions from horrifiedinhiding:

Questions from horrifiedinhiding:

In what kind of home do you live?

I live in a small three bedroom ranch home with a basement, in a nice little neighborhood.

 Do you have any pets?

Used to have a cool ass cat named Louie but we had to take him back to the shelter, because where we were moving my mother in law is allergic and we needed a place to live. Hardest damn thing I ever had to do, cause I took him back to the same shelter we got him from. He had a moustache and was very laid back, real smooth like. I cried like a baby in the parking lot when I got done.

In which country are you?

United States

What type of diet do you have?

Don’t know if I have explained it or not but I only eat once a day and that’s because I have to, food has no meaning for me or taste for that matter.

Are you in love?

Oh hell yes and have been married for 14 years, although I don’t know why she keeps me I am nothing but a pain in the ass, all of the time, but it is her fault she said yes when I asked.

Favorite type of thing to watch on the screen–type of movie or type of tv show?

TV just plain bites ass, I am a movie watcher, and I will watch most anything that catches my attention, but I am partial to Science fiction movies that are a bit of a thiller, Aliens the original was damn sure my cup of tea, and I am hoping that Promethius is not a disappointment.

Do you like to exercise?

I had to exercise every fucking day of the last 12 years and run 2.5 miles every other day, and I have to say I did try to keep it up after being discharged but the depression took over and well I aint fat but I damn sure couldn’t run that 2.5 miles now, I would have a heart attack after the first 30 feet. I am already a big man six feet one inches tall and weigh in at 214 lbs. so exercise for me was not easy to begin with, but once you got my fat ass going it took a tank to stop me, no really either that or a brick wall, or one of those catch catapults from an aircraft carrier. Oh well I thought it was funny.

Do you have any children?

In the house right now we have one, but at one time we had 5 kids in the house.

 How long have you been blogging (including other blogs you have had)?

I have been blogging since June 3rd of 2012, and I have the one blog and contribute to another.

What do you think of people who live on boats?

I used to have a friend that built his house on a barge, it was 2 story and had lots of room, but it is in the Ohio river and that bastard floods every year so there are times when he has no power or toilet usage, that part is not cool but the rest of it is spot on.

Do you hate anyone?  Why?

Hate, hmm, well I don’t know that I actually hate anyone in particular that I know of, there are quite a few people that I dislike a lot, and oh if this weren’t public domain I could give you a list as long as my Johnson, ok so it would be a short list but I would still tell you. Man sakes alive I am trying to put a little humor in here but as always it gets lost in translation.


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